Dream A, Dream A: What To Ask Santa For This Year?

Well…last Christmas it was the dream of being hugged by Jim on the Renfrew ferry in 1983 that became manifest and real at Bridlington in May.

So…what do I possibly ask Santa for THIS year? More of the same? Geez, I wouldn’t say no! Perhaps MUCH more of the same? As in…more time with him…?

There are certainly more gigs to be had next year, for starters! Well, perhaps not MORE (there was quite a nice tally for that Acoustic tour) but more spread out through the year. More evenly distributed, rather than a concentrated bunch in the space of a few weeks.

So…what do I ask for? A PROPER meeting? That would be WONDERFUL. Time to just sit and talk to him…that is still very high on the list. But, geez…I need to be able to talk to him face to face, first. Lol. Be able to grasp speaking the English language in front of him. Feel I can converse with him.

So…Santa, if you’re listening…perhaps a good one hour long meeting with Jim? Perhaps even blended with that doughnut date I ssooo keep on wishing for? What ya think, oh bearded maestro? Can you make it happen?

Fingers crossed, eh?

Link to last year’s Christmas post HERE

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