Shooting Stars Never Stop Even When They Reach The Top – Orionids Meteor Shower

Peaking in UK skies on Friday and Saturday….but hopefully not too late tonight. We have a good chance for clear skies tonight, so I’m “goon oot” to have a gander tonight. Hope I can spot something. I shall go out, lay on the lawn and see…

Always wanted to do something in astronomy when I was growing up. Not smart enough though, see. Chemistry and physics (in particular) made my brain hurt! Loved maths though…but was no good at it.halleys

Where to view the Orionid in UK skies tonight.

Profile Fetish…

Well, it is day one of “Operation Stay Away” … and although I may not like, comment, or post to the visitor wall, I can share a link to a post here.

Oh…he is looking good…and a left side profile shot too…he knows what he’s doing!

Today feels good. I feel better. Stronger today. I didn’t think I was going to because I forced myself to paint. BUT IT WORKED! It didn’t drag me down…but actually lifted me up! (Will share soon.)

Anyway…nine days to go until the birthday. I want to be able to stay away at least THAT long! Prove to myself that it is not the be all and end all of my world…

You do look mighty fine, Sir. Mighty fine. I shall miss you…

Looking Back Is For The Birds

As I finally listen to the song…and take in the lyrics…I always read something in them.

The sense of an ending…him speaking to me.

What *ARE* we going to do with me? I don’t know, Jim…
I’m a lost cause. I’m sorry if I ever bothered you, or if you got fed up.
I apologise.

It was…love.

“Did they sing a million blessings
As they watched us slowly part?

What are we gonna do with you?
Same tale every time
What are we gonna do with you?
Come on inside
Looking back is for the birds

Do they keep those final kisses
In their tiny racing hearts?”

Eye On The Prize…

Except there is no “prize”. Well, maybe the prize of…self-fulfilment in having created something vaguely artistic. It still feels like therapy. Painful therapy that I’m not sure really helps at all any more, but in fact PROLONGS agony.

I Want To Stop Wanting To Talk To Him!

I prepare myself to go. Ready to walk away. Leave him be. At least take a break until my birthday…or just after. See if it is possible to give up a drug I am finding myself increasingly addicted to…

And then…

It’s like he knew…

You….just had to bring up the subject of birds, didn’t you?