Boy Titties!

I know! How shallow am I? Lol

Oh, a girl’s gotta have a bit of fun and…titillation (pun absolutely intended!) sometimes. The early days of the blog, it was pretty much 24/7 ogling. Tits, ears, Adam’s apple…other areas of the Kerr anatomy…

And…as much as I would like this to be a serious, pro blog, it just isn’t me. Not fully. I could go into the whys and wherefors…but I don’t need to explain myself to anyone.

If you have come to the blog for serious content…it is here. I love the band as a whole, the music, what it means…but, I also think Jim is hot AF and I am a red-blooded woman who doesn’t like to take herself too seriously and thinks life is too short.

Why sweat the small stuff? Tomorrow I’ll have a change of heart again and worry about how I look to all and sundry and do my best to people please and conform, etc. But for today (and hopefully many other days in the future) it’s TITS O’CLOCK!