30 Day Song Challenge – Day Eleven

A song you never get tired of…

The most beautiful song. It will be my favourite for forever and a day. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and cried my eyes out.

It was one of the first things I ever wrote on the SMO FB visitor wall…how beautiful I found it and what it did to me.

It doesn’t bring me to tears so much now…but it still means the absolute world to me – forever tattooed on my skin. “I’m singing memories.”


Jim On Life In A Day

This is near as I am ever likely to get of interviewing Jim myself, so….in keeping with the current loose theme of the blog and the imminent anniversary date of the release of Life In A Day, here are some words from Jim on the subject.

The interview is nearly 10 years old now. Would be nice to know if he STILL feels the same about it. And to ask some other specifics. Nae mind.

WANT! Gig Wish List – Number One!

THIS IS HAPPENING! OMG! I AM SSSOOOO FRIGGING EXCITED! I’m going to see Stewart bloody Copeland at the Festival Hall next Saturday! OMG!!! I think I may scream the house down!

Priptona's Simple Minds Space

OMG! I only saw this today. The gig (in London anyway) is 18 days away. I WANT THIS SOOOO MUCH! This man is…my drumming GOD. He is everything, in drumming terms, that I would ever aspire to be. I’ve never seen him live. It would be ssoooooo amazing to see him. So amazing.

I probably won’t be able to buy a ticket until next week. So…I just have to hope and pray some will be left then. Fingers crossed! It would be a DREAM to see him.

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Rejuvenation CD/DVD Box Set Review – Mojo Magazine

A very favourable review of the Rejuvenation box set inside the latest edition of Mojo magazine.

Oh, and post New Gold Dream…Sparkle In The Rain (just as the first example) only went straight in at number one in the UK chart and spawned three hit singles…but “they seldom came anywhere near that masterpiece”. Okaaaaay…

It’s the only bit of the review that is questionable to me.