The Classic Pop Kitchen Sink!

The new edition of Classic Pop magazine, which I received today, is chock full of goodies this month – a dissection of electro-pop godfathers’ Kraftwerk’s seminal album, Autobahn…a main article on the Mandela 70th Bithrday concert – which has a second feature of Sir in amongst it (I will share these in separate posts)…a feature on John Foxx’s new Metamatic reissued boxset, amongst other things. Really worth the buy this month.

Here’s a little melting pot of things that caught my eye, for now…

Sir talks Don’t You (Forget About…my hair), there’s a rather scathing review of Eighth Wonder’s singular album release getting a red vinyl reissue, a review of Byran Ferry’s gig at the London Palladium (oh, don’t I wish I could turn back time by just  FRACTION so I could go!), and finally, new pin-up boys on the block in 1979, Tubeway Army…featureing the Kerr doppelgänger, Billy Currie (just in case I need to point him out, standing just behind Numan’s left shoulder).

Enjoy the mishmash for now…the rest will be posted shortly.


The Ears Have It!

The other night when I stumbled upon that never-before-seen (by me, anyway) photo…I found this on Facebook. The comment. Yep! It’s not just me. We love your weird ears, Mr Weird Ears ❤️

It Just Goes On…

Watching live clips on YouTube. I think early Roxy really is going to be the love. I saw this clip in amongst them and I thought…”Well, I do love this track on the album…let’s see how an older Bryan deals with it.” Surprised in the first place to even see him do such early stuff so late on. I just assumed he’d leave the very early Roxy stuff behind.

WOW! It blew my fucking socks off! 2011 and just…it’s perfection!

Jim, I get it. I really, really get it now. I keep saying it…but I do.

I HAVE MISSED SSOOO MUCH! Geez…it feels like the story of my life.

Regrets? Well, I thought I only had a few…but they seem to be growing exponentially now…

He Is There Upon The Stair!

Artistic licence on the subtle change in the poem (by William Hughes Mearns, called Antigonish) – if it’s good enough for Bowie (having used a similar but altered verse for The Man Who Sold The World), it’s good enough for me.
I love this picture…and I love spiral staircases. The symmetry of them. I had to play with it! No Priptona mark on this one…it was just a doodle.
I have no interest in watching two strangers get married.