I’ll pretend it’s Bristol again…only 37 years earlier. I WISH! (Okay…I’d have been just about to turn 10….maybe not!) #JustAsFeistyAt10 #ThatPreviousHashtagWasSooooWrong

Green’s Playhouse/Apollo – Clouds/Satellite City – Glasgow

Firstly…Jim’s post late last night/early this morning re: the first Simple Minds gig on this day in 1978. I posted on the SMO FB visitor wall saying about making a “pilgrimage” there…to stand on the “hallowed turf”.

I looked up Satellite City to see the main site was once Green’s Playhouse and then later the Apollo. Upstairs was another venue, originally called Clouds, it was renamed Satellite City.

When I looked on Google Maps for the location earlier…I didn’t zoom out on the image…only just this evening did I do that to see…I had already viewed the “hallowed ground” with my own eyes back in November 2016! And in a further twist of irony, look what stands there now!

This was a picture I took of it back in 2016. LITTLE DID I KNOW the history of it then.

It kind of blew me away knowing I had been standing outside it some 14 months previous without even knowing the significance. All I thought at the time when I saw it was, “Oh, this is neat…an Aussie pub in Glasgow. Bloody Aussies! They’re everywhere these days! Lol”


Spread The Love Far And Wide (And Make It Your Armour)…

When I had the Etsy shop, and I was wanting to sell these and try to make a living for myself…this kind of pilfering and pinching bothered me greatly. But now…I am just happy to see people appreciating them and liking the work enough to want to use it for their profile and cover pics. It makes me endlessly happy.

“Don’t need the money nothing can buy” – well, okay…not strictly true…and, in a couple of weeks, there’s a slim chance I may have more money than I have ever known…but, it probably WILL NEVER buy the things I want most…and in many ways I am already richer than I ever deemed possible.

The Big Four O!

And as I was retiring for bed last night (well, technically early this morning – as it was posted at midnight on the dot!) a post landed on the Simple Minds FB page…

Of course there is no recording that exists of that first gig, that I am aware of anyway, but here’s a version of that first song performed, at the Mars Bar several months later.