(Kerr) Elf On The Shelf – Day One

With exactly two weeks to go until Christmas, I was looking for some kind of Christmas themed inspiration for the blog. Talk of ears happened today…Jim’s ears, and my endless fetish…and that was all it took for the spark of my very own Elf on the Shelf!

So here is Day One of (Kerr) Elf on the Shelf – Haaaad to be about doughnuts, right? 😉
(Thanks for the inspirational spark – you know who you are.)

Minds Music Monday – Waterfront

I wanted to share something that isn’t so obscure in the Simple Minds canon today because – one: it was pretty much the first song of theirs I fell in love with way, way back in 1984 – two: on a reflective note, as we come to the end of 2018, I still have to pinch myself that I actually saw them where this video was made. That not only have I now seen them twice in their home city…but got to see them give a full live debut airing of a new album in this hallowed turf – the Barrowland Ballroom.

Today I Saw A Fill-em

My mum never knew her father’s parents – her grandparents – actually, she never even got to know her father for he died shortly after her birth – complications he’d long carried with him from WWI. Errol Forde Clancy was his name. First generation Australian, a son of Irish immigrants. Speaking of films…my Nan (mum’s mum) would often recount the story to mum (and mum, as a consequence to us kids) of Granddad refusing to stand up in the cinema when the national anthem played (back then of course still God Save The King – as it would have been at that time, during the reign of George V – and film being in its infancy). “He wouldn’t stand up for me!”, he’d say to my Nan, “so why should I do it for him?”
I’m sure he’d have felt differently had Advance Australia Fair been the anthem.
Somehow just one word…one quirk from mum’s Irish ancestry filtered through audibly…and it was her way of saying the word “fill-em”. I never knew anyone else who’d say it like that…unless they were actually Irish.
It’s audible in Jim singing it in Thirty Frames A Second…he actually says it that way too – with his talking voice.
I love the word. Sometimes the sound of a word, its intonation when spoken, can give it as much significance as its actual definition. Such is the case with “film”.


A Loss For Words

I feel as if I have antagonised him in the past few days – inadvertantly.

Today I kept quiet. Today I would have loved to have said a million things. At least several things – or just one thing. My usual thing I say on this day each year…”love to your mum”.

But, there are just never enough words. I wanted to be the comfort he has always been to me with my mum. Every time I have needed it most…when out in Oz…through the past couple of months….

I’ve discussed recent issues here. Reluctantly. A return home seems no nearer to coming to fruition than it was one month ago…two months ago. Australia may as well be as far away as Mars at the moment. I am no nearer getting to it.


In recent posts about his mum, Jim has shared an image of a yellow rose. I’d like to share an image of my mum’s favourite flower – the carnation. She adores the scent of them. As do I…one smell of them reminds me of her.

I wish I had words for you, Jim. But I feel I am best to offer none right now. So today I offered a heart. You, a heart. My heart.