On A Lighter Note – The PM’s “Un-Australian”

Give me strength! Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has got it in the neck because his “Eighties Plus” Spotify playlist has only one Aussie song in it! Lol (They better not look at MY playlist then! Though, to be fair, I have plenty of other playlists that are Oz themed, with quite a number of antipodean acts. In amongst my 27 different Simple Minds playlists, and the several other Bowie ones.)

Bones of contention for artists deemed to be Australian rest on AC/DC (the Young brothers hailed from Scotland, as did Bon Scott – and Brian Johnson is a Geordie!), Jimmy Barnes (hello, Scotland, again), and John Farnham (actually English by birth).

You could almost say there is a second song in his 80s playlist that COULD be deemed Australian – Grace Jones’s Walking In The Rain was penned by Vanda and Young – and originally recorded under the name Flash And The Pan – Harry Vanda is actually Dutch…and, yes, you guessed it, George Young (AC/DC’s Malcolm and Angus’s older brother) is actually Scottish…so no luck trying to give Scotty a second song on his playlist there!

The PM has, however, gone for undoubtedly, identifiably Scottish by having Simple Minds on the playlist. Several times, in fact!

So…why some deem his 80s playlist “un-Australian”, I think Scotty, dear boy, has IMPECCABLE taste!

You can read the article about his playlist choices and the backlash on news.com.au by CLICKING HERE

And you can see the Spotify playlist in question below…

Berlin Blondes

Whilst flicking through the latest edition of Electronic Sound magazine, I was intrigued to see this short review of an anthology issue by a band called Berlin Blondes. It was the cover artwork that initially caught my eye. Then I see the word “Glasgow” and my interest gets FULLY piqued!

It was a brief life for this band. Just the one full album.

On looking them up on the web, the Wikipedia entry for them seemed to suggest they had supported Simple Minds somewhere along their brief existence. I went and looked at the tour info on the Dream Giver Redux site, but I saw little evidence to back this notion up. I would ask Jim if he had any recollection of this, but I feel I am probably not ingratiating myself too kindly right now…for some reason, so I best not. Perhaps I will give Simon Cornwell (webmaster extraordinaire at simpleminds.org) a quick email, to see if he can shed any light on whether they did indeed support SM at any time.

Anyway, I shall give the album a listen tonight and see what I think. From what I’ve read they sound like they were quite…parodying the sounds of their influences a little too much. But, well, I shall see (hear) for myself.

Bonfire Of The Memories

It was bonfire night, 1980, and Jim recalls it like it’s 2016! (Coincidentally…my first ever visit to Glasgow was that night – Bonfire night, 2016…I had a bankside view of the Clyde from my hotel window and I could see fireworks going off all over from the view I had of the city there. It was magical!)

I left a comment on his post about the significance – for a Johnny-come-lately like myself of bootlegs and other (more official) live recordings from the time. They are like gold dust and little pockets of time travel.

Well, you guys know (those of you who may have taken some interest in the blog for a while – I dare say that’s just me! Lol) the things I have done to highlight them? The Weekend WhirliGIG being one example of my way of showcasing that stuff.

These kind of recordings are so precious to me. Had we had the technology we have now available back then? Imagine how much of this stuff would be preserved?! Still, that is part of what makes it so very precious. The fact it’s so rare, for one, and the other is capturing a band in (what is STILL) their formative years…oh, but what years! And how bloody accomplished they were already! I’m sure JIm would tell me “no”. That even then, they were still amateurish. I’d tell him to “do wan” if he did! Lol

As an example…here is a fucking BLISTERING version of I Travel from the time. And just as I imagine it sounded to his ears that night at the City Hall in Glasgow…listen to that crowd at the end of the song. And that’s in London, not Glasgow!

I’ve done it so the clip starts at I Travel…but you can always go back and listen to it all.

I’ll add a link to Jim’s FB post as well for your perusal.

Punch Above Your Weight! Jim Kerr – Records In My Life

Lol. Yeah…I strive for that every day…don’t I, Jim? Lol.

Perhaps I do myself a disservice there? Lol. No. I know I’m in dreamland…

A great interview. And always good to have the visuals. A chance for some keen-eyed ogling 😊 Happy days!

You really are a hard man to please when it comes to “modern” music. At least you’re not saying “it’s all shit”. You at least have Thumper’s words in your mind.

Anyway…enjoy the interview peeps!