Greeting Grimes

So far, in the past 12 months of following SM around on tour, I had met every member of the band bar Ged and Cherisse. Cherisse has still eluded me…but at Manchester, I finally got to meet Mr Grimes. And so happy I was about the fact, I lost myself and gave him a hug! He responded in kind and reciprocated said hug, thankfully!

He briefly spoke to the three of us (Gillian, Nicola and I), talking about Australia and telling us of his brother in Brisbane. A lovely man, very warm and very kind. It was an honour to meet you at last, Ged. Thank you ❤️

When posing for the snap he said “I’ll bend down to be level with you ladies because I’m REALLY tall”. Oh, you are a star!

Waiting For The Man – Manchester Meeting!

Gillian’s dream fulfilled. Never thought I could be someone that could help fulfil peoples’ lifelong dreams. Karma points coming my way…I hope!

This picture has been 37 years in the making…


Oh, geez…could I be looking any more lovingly? Lol. “I’m sharing you for ONE MINUTE! JUST ONE!” Lol

I have NO IDEA what is distracting Gillian and I. WHAT IS DISTRACTING US!? Are we FOR REAL!? Lol


Back Down To Earth – And Classic Pop SM Comp!

I will try my best to catch up with all stuff and get the blog back up-to-date shortly. WHAT A WHIRLWIND it has been!

In the meantime, here’s a link to a Classic Pop magazine competition in which you can win lots of SM goodies, including a rare exclusive white vinyl copy of the Magic 7″ single. Comp closes May 1st. All you have to do is answer a “simple” question and join the mailing list for the magazine newsletter. Just click the image to enter. Good luck!


SM Comp link


Gladrags And Music Mags

Took my guests to St Albans today. Among the places shown were Empire Records (my first meeting with Catherine taking place there in October, 2016) and to a vintage clothes shop.

Some goodies to be had in both. Found recent back issues of Mojo magazine at the record shop…complete with complimentary CDs on the covers featuring music from Catherine AD/The Anchoress and Johnny And The Self-Abusers.

I saw some amazing dresses inside the vintage shop…and one in particular kept catching my eye. Never believed it would fit me, but I went behind the changing screen in the corner of the shop to try it and BLOW ME DOWN WITH A FEATHER! So…I know it’s a little personal…but this dress is stunning! I am in love!