Gay Paris! – Part Two

Today would have been the day I was flying back to Paris for another Simple Minds gig. And then onto Bordeaux for another one two days later. A meet and greet, no less.
Probably would have been shitting myself again. Worried about Mr Kerr and what he thinks of me. Always do. Always will. Ridiculous, really. But there we are.
Anyway…perhaps I’ll turn around and go in 2021…who knows?
Nothing is ever certain in life. Nothing lasts…

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Happy Release Day – Flight Of Ideas!

The day has arrived! Sadly, my copies are in lockdown as currently Monorail are only open as an online store and I ordered my Dinked LP and CD to collect from in the store itself. I’ll be waiting some time to collect, methinks! In the meantime, there is Spotify and the digital download copy to buy.

Check Warm Digits’ social media channels and website for details.

As a consequence, today’s music aperitif is Fools Tomorrow. Strangely timely for the perplexing time we find ourselves in.


My own headspace. My own inability to get out of what seems to “help”. It’s habitual. Like a drug. He’s a drug I can’t escape. My heroin.

My life. My wife.

Lou. He’s your bard.

Sweet irony…


Rare, Rarer, Rarest – Punk 45s

From the latest edition of Long Live Vinyl. A timely nod to Pripton. I guess he’s the reason this blog exists after all…

Personally, I still think Dead Vandals was the better song, but was obviously less ‘punk’ in the strictest musical notation terms. Thank god it was the B Side at least.