Weekend WhirliGIG Wish (Inuagural) – Melkveg, Amsterdam – March 23rd, 1980

This may not happen EVERY weekend, but it will ON a weekend.

The concept? Find a weekend gig that happened sometime in the past…find a good or at least “atmospheric” recording of it, and share it…as the experience of that gig plays out in your mind’s eye.

So, I present to you, for this weekend…a gig from the Real To Real Cacophony Tour of early 1980. A Sunday night gig. Enjoy!

Something New Is Coming

To the blog. A new little topic/subject matter on a weekly basis. I mean…Kerrsday Thursday has pretty much run its course. There might be the odd special, but other than that, unless some  never-before-seen picture of Jim reveals itself…

But the new thing. The new idea…I made a piece of art for it today. I’ve had the concept milling about for a few weeks, but this week I’ll get it up and running.

Stay tuned!

The Sensual Alex Harvey Band

No, that is not a typo….but what I’d call them. Fuck “Sensational”…well, which frankly is just as apt…but it’s ALL SEX! 

I mean…Gang Bang…Giddy Up A Ding Dong…Hole In Her Stocking…

And, oh my, his version of I Just Want To Make Love To You! 

All a lot to deal with when a) You’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the past few years b) Your libido has returned to quite a degree c) IT’S BEEN TWENTY FOUR YEARS!!!! d) The man you now find yourself lusting after is the one recommending this stuff to you…
WOOF! *someone pass me a fan*

Mr Harvey is *one of them* types. Someone who seemingly can just exude sex whilst, in essence, not necessarily BE sexually appealing or have the natual “aesthetic”. Bon Scott had it too…I find similarities between them…especially in singing style…though Alex’s voice is more controlled than Bon’s (I feel anyway…but both have amazing voices). I’ll have to watch YouTube clips of Alex performing to get a better sense of any other similarities that exist. Bon’s performing style I can conjure up in my head quite easily….usually always topless and in jeans, his stance always had a sexual appeal to it…again, though he is not a natural “looker”, so to speak. 

I listened to this tonight. It felt a batism of fire (and sex!). God, between this and the passages of Siddhartha I’ve been reading lately…heaven help me!

The standouts tonight were Isobel Goudie (and variations of the title thereof) and St Anthony. These two seemed “deeper” to me, but they were all fab. But these two had a particular resonance…esp, St Anthony…given what I have just said above.

I think I was won over!

Just When I Think It Can’t Be Done

That…it is just not possible…I fall more in love with this man every day.

As the mantra implies…I WILL fucking listen to The Sensational Alex Harvey Band…because, if he really loves Alex this much (as it is so evident in his words), I no doubt will too.

Dumb Things

Oh, I have done some dumb things very recently. You know…when you did something that seemed a really good idea at the time? And there is no “reverse” or “rewind” for your actions…and you’ll just…regret shit?! 


Singing In Languages Other Than English

I asked Jim about this the other day…and then he did that amazing post about Theme For Great Cities and…well…he overlooks most questions posed on the visitor wall anyway…but looking to see of anyone mentioned anything on Twitter about him being at Party At The Palace in Linlithgow over the weekned, I saw a tweet linking to this!

Now, Jim’s major vocal bits are in English…but, does he perform backing vocals in Italian? (? not sure if the language is Italian or Spanish…my bad) Just curious…