The Ears Have It!

I had to post this on SMO FB (the pic). Back in June at the Rip It Up exhibition in Edinburgh, I sssooooo wanted to sneak a pic of this neon sign, but I didn’t dare! It just instantly made me think of Jim and my silly fetish…and his interview with Georgey Spanswick in which he talked about getting the Pripton Weird name – Mr Weird Ears. Man alive, I love those ears! Lol

John Grant Signing At Green Man

I will try and get a review of the festival up over the next 24 hours…but for now…here’s a little clip of me (and a bit of Helen before me) meeting John at a signing he was doing at the Rough Trade stall at the Green Man festival yesterday. Oh…he is just too, too lovely! ❤️❤️❤️

Enjoy The Silence…

Sorry it’s been so quiet here, guys…but as I suspected, my connection to the Internet these past couple of days has been intermittent at best.

The plan is to go home late this evening after seeing John Grant’s set…but that my change yet. We’ll see.

But the festival has been great so far. Not seen a LOT of bands – but what I have seen I’ve enjoyed.

But it’s all about tonight and that beautiful bearded lovely, Mr Grant. CANNOT WAIT!

The Brecons Beckon

Off to the Brecon Beacons…near Abergavenny…for four days – for the Green Man Festival. Won the tickets after all…might as well try and go to the thing.

It’s an experience!

Anyway…I think my time away will have me cut off from the Internet – for the most part – so things will be quiet here for a few days. But, hopefully by early next week, a big old review of the whole festival will be here. We’ll see how things go.

Anyways…tara for now…

(PS: John FUCKING Grant!!!)

Dream Given! – aka Dream Giver Redux – has been my ABSOLUTE Simple Minds bible for these past four years. Esp. in the early days of my fandom. Daily visits…devouring voraciously the wealth of information on the site. It was utterly invaluable and helped me learn so much about the history of the band and a lot of the vinyl, magazine and newspaper cuttings and general memorabilia I have collected was referenced on here. And, without it…my art would not have flourished…without all the lyrics printed there.

It is still a site I visit on a regular basis.

So, today I am a very happy bunny. Humbled and honoured to have had a name check and my own blog mentioned on the site. Just…AMAZING! Thank you so, so much Simon for the nod! I can’t express what it means…genuinely.