ASAP And (Currently – Potentially Subject To Name Change) Sultan

Not Simple Minds or even music related but a bit of personal news. Tomorrow we welcome these two beautiful adolescent cats to the household. ASAP is the tabby and white cat. He was named after the rapper ASAP Rocky. His version of ASAP stands for “always strive and prosper” – which I think is pretty damn awesome. His foster carer has been calling him Oscar – but my nephew is called Oscar, so…no! Lol. He won’t be keeping that name. And I just think ASAP is awesome! So he will go back to being ASAP.

Sultan is the all black. A female. Sultan is a masculine name and I’m not really wanting to call her Sultana. Lol. Her foster carer has been calling her Sheba. It’s okay but I wouldn’t name a pet Sheba. I thought about Shadow but I suppose lots of black cats are called Shadow. So I was looking into the word “black” in other languages. In German its “schwarz” and that could work. In Danish it’s “sort” – which combined with her brother’s name works really well…ASAP and Sort. And it keeps the ‘S’ sound sibilance she’d be used to. But we’ll see. We may just defy convention (as we like to do) and keep Sultan. She’s a girl called Sultan…deal with it! Lol. If Johnny Cash could do a song about A Boy Named Sue, then we can have a female cat called Sultan!

Anyway, they are 10 months old and have been in foster care since early December. Tomorrow they get a new, permanent home with us. I am already so in love with them!

Still Missing “The Auld Days”…

I still read the comments that everyone leaves. This one I did not dare respond to because my response would have been – “You should have seen how it USED to be!” But not even I was around for the very best days, it seems. But I loved it how it was. How much involvement there was.

Okay, Jim has not completely gone away, bit it isn’t like it was. But then that’s just me loving that extra special thing that SMO used to give.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now! It’s still wonderful…but I still mourn for halcyon days. Every day.

Street Fighting Years Box Set Reissue Reviews

A couple of reviews of the SFY box set have been printed in both Mojo and Uncut magazines this week. The Mojo one is particularly scathing but the “fortune cookie wisdom” in regards to Jim’s lyrics in the Uncut review isn’t exactly complimentary, either! Although overall, it is a kinder review.

The reissue lands in two weeks time.

Mojo magazine review.
Uncut magazine review.

Does Everyone Stare

This played on the radio yesterday. I was stunned to hear someone play it. It is a favourite Police song. And a Stewart Copeland penned composition.

But whenever I hear it, it just reminds of how I am with a certain Mr Kerr. Just the whole awkward damn thing. Just…adoring someone and feeling like the most inept, inadequate, stupid human being on the planet in front of them.

That is me every time I’m around him. And even when I’m nowhere near him…

Minds (Music?) Monday

I just love listening to early interviews with Jim. Just…you can hear all the emotion and drive in him. His intelligence and just…yeah. I love him. I really, really love him. He’s just beautiful.

The one I’ve shared first. I mean, there’s no talk of money or any of that. It’s just wanting to play and give people pleasure and make them feel uplifted and inspired. Not being pretentious about it at all, either. Or at least definitely not sounding that way.

Just wanted to share all these little snippets here because they’re wonderful and he’s wonderful. (Yeah, I know! I’ll take my lovelorn rose-tinted glasses off now. Lol)

Gobsmacked By Sheer Beauty…

Well played Ronnie Gurr for revealing this this evening. I’ve only ever seen a few of Richard Coward’s SM images. Obviously his photography was used for the Empires And Dance artwork and there’s an image of Jim he took in the Scottish Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, but these are the only things I have ever seen.