The Funtime Countdown! All Aboard!

It’s just THREE DAYS away now. Oh…and he would HAVE to bring up Iggy, then drop in a mention of cockfighting and I was just SSSOOO itching to say something! Lol. But…well, I resisted. At least I’d never say it on SMO! Here on the blog is a different matter!

I mean, seriously…Jim Kerr mentions Iggy Pop AND cockfighting and I’m like “I know who MY money’s on”! Lol. And THAT is all I’ll say.

I will exercise full restraint and try to uphold some decorum…pffft! *fails epically*

It’s a great post. And mentions quite a few sports I love, actually. Cricket, darts, basketball…no mention of strongmen (though Sumo wrestling is mentioned) or snooker, but hey, whatevers.

The mention of speedway brought back memories of childhood and free fireworks displays from the back porch, as we lived very near a speedway while I was growing up and they always had big fireworks displays when races were on.

Halcyon days.

Bowie And Eno In Classic Rock

Two short pieces on David Bowie and Brian Eno in this month’s Classic Rock magazine. The Bowie piece talks to Ava Cherry (I never knew she was so young when they met!) and talks about their time together and Bowie’s musical influences of the period, producing the sound for Young Americans and legacy piece Golden Years (shifted on to Station To Station – which always seems an odd fit on there and very much feels like it always belonged on Young Americans).

The Eno piece is an interview, predominantly about his art installations, but of course touches upon all aspects of his career. And, lovely words from Steven Wilson on Eno as well.

Quite a few other things inside it as well, including a mediocre review of a Mick Ronson compilation called “Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story – Soundtrack” – compendium to the documentary, one assumes by the title? And, in another case of “you learn something new every day”…how the hell did I NEVER take in that Ronno plays on John (Cougar) Mellencamp’s Jack And Diane?

Well worth the outlay this month, peeps.

Repetition Is A Form Of Change

I always think my digital art has a “sameness” to it. I want it to have a style, a mark…not the “Priptona” mark I use…but a visual “signature” that when someone views it (without said “Priptona” mark in place) says “Yes, Larelle/Priptona’s done that one.” But equally I worry it veers on repetition and/or sameness. That it borders on bland. Banal. Safe.

Thank you to the other Brian for today’s inspiration…making me feel, at least for today…artistically…I am treading the right path.

(The quote comes from an article in the latest edition of Classic Rock magazine. I will post the full article later.)


But Is It Any Good?

I am loving this song SSSOOOO much right now, I felt compelled to try something out for it. I kind of got what I had in my mind visually to work…sorta…I dunno. Can’t tell. Everything looks so amazing fully formed in my head, and then I try to replicate what’s there and it rarely matches what I have.
If I could be the visual artist I am in my mind’s eye, I’d be FUCKING AMAZING! Lol


Remember The Bees

I feel guilty. I have such happy memories of 12 months ago. My second Acoustic gig. My first meeting with Jim! The day was so very special…and then the dreadful news filtering through to me on the coach journey home that night from Liverpool of what happened in neighbouring Manchester.

Today is for the bees…