Throwback Thursday (Kerrsday)

Yeah, okay…it only happened two days ago…and I was reluctant to post it here…but it is always just so bloody lovely when it happens. I’ve spent the past 48 hours walking about at various intervals saying “I’m a youngster, you know”. Lol. (Today my knackered old body is VERY MUCH telling me otherwise!) Though it does feel like it turns into a somewhat backhanded compliment “your brain had not developed to take in the complexities of such stuff, girl child”. Lol. I actually did want to say in my reply “OH, STOP FLIRTING (DON’T STOP FLIRTING!)” – but thought better of it. I could have gone with “flattery will get you everywhere”…erm…but well, no need for that, it would be open bloody season anyways. Lol.

It goes without saying, and I didn’t say it the other day, but I will now. Thank you for replying, Sir 🙂

And I have continued my exploration. I listened to Avonmore…the version he shared but maybe will listen to the original album version too…and perhaps even the whole album. Push the boat out.

Last night I listened to For Your Pleasure, then went back to the eponymous debut. As a result, this has been today’s earworm.

WTF! Brian’s Briefs!

How have I never actually taken this in before?! I’ve been seeing this cover since I started collecting SM memorabilia from the earliest days of my mega fandom. It’s – I am for all the world sure ERRONEOUSLY – stated as being a pic of Mick (surname spelled incorrectly)…but I am pretty sure that’s Brian. Photo taken by…Ronnie Gurr! Labelled as “Simple Minds in Berlin” – another bit I never took in. I knew there was a piece on them inside…but because it’s 1980, I just assumed it would be like a half page thing with one small pic.

Brian is all but STARKERS on the cover! Fucking…I’m gonna DIE if there’s anything REMOTELY similar of Jim inside! Lol.

For nearly FOUR YEARS I have bypassed getting this particular mag, having others take precedent…and now…THIS IS THE NEXT MUST HAVE!