I became a rabid Simple Minds fan around July 2014 – I have actually hijacked adopted Jim Kerr’s birthday as my fan anniversary date 🙂

I don’t know the true date, for sure, so it might as well be his birthday. It could have very easily been Mick MacNeil’s (July 20) – and it is possibly closer to the date than Jim’s…but Jim’s my boy and the mainstay and head honcho of Simple Minds, so why not?!


As a short back story. The passion began in earnest that July, having spent many years enjoying their music, but being very much a “casual” fan…just dipping in and listening to “the hits” when the mood took.

Then, one day, when I was listening to them in my usual “OMG! Simple Minds! I haven’t listened to them for AGES!” phases, I just thought, “You know, these guys are GREAT! They really do deserve much more of my time. I’m going to sink my teeth into their back catalogue”. And…well, there was no looking back!

And that’s it, in a nutshell. And the reason for the blog…because I fell for them, hook, line and sinker! And I wanted a place online to express and share in that enthusiasm.

As you’ll see if you delve in and lurk around…I’ve bought merchandise, various formats of their music, been to two gigs (should have been a third, but pressing family matters scuppered that) – so far! – and have fully immersed myself in the fandom.

So have a nosy about and have some fun. And, if you love the band as much as I do, I hope you like the blog 🙂


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