Goth Prince Holga Style

Yep! Still loving the holga setting! And the 1982 aesthetic is hitting bad too. The heavy eye makeup and the pallid skin tone…ERMAGERD! Imma gonna say it…this man is beautiful! #SorryNotSorry

This could almost have me revisiting the old Laird Dash Fandango stuff.

Ooh…now, there’s a thought!

660,000 Podcasts? How Am I Going To Know Which Ones I Enjoy The Most?

An article and compendium piece inside the latest edition of New York magazine on all that is podcast…

Click on the individual pics to view and enlarge.


Similarities In ‘79

I was preparing a post for the blog that will be posted inline with a anniversary date in the near future.

In doing so, I was reminded of this song by this band. Thanks to my older brothers (one of them in particular), I feel I had pretty good taste in music for a nine year old girl. And I actually thought the singer was pretty dishy too. At nine! Lol. Was I like?!


Promised You Holga Lines

I do go through artistic repetitive cycles…

The one I am currently stuck in is the use of holga and multiple representations of Jim…and geometrics. Bringing out my academic slant in my artistry. I have always loved maths, even if I am bloody shit at it. Lol