Hair: Goals v Reality

When looking at a couple of pics of myself taken yesterday, I came to the rather sobering realisation that…as much as I would love to believe I pull off what is going on in the image on the left, the reality is my hair resembles far more closely what is going on on the right.


I just haaad to use the pic of Bolan with his tit out. Lol. What is it with boys wanting to flash their tits? I just love the way it has been done with nonchalant expertise. “And, you’re only getting ONE tit, people! I do have SOME class!”, says Marc. Lol


Saturday Night Gigs

Nothing happening for me this weekend as far as gigs are concerned…but I get the feeling a certain someone MAY just be going to this gig tomorrow night…seeing how much he loves the man and all. And…there’s a little gap in the schedule until the gigs kick off again NEXT weekend (nine days to go until Wentworth!).

He’s performing The Human Menagerie and The Psychomodo, back to back, is Steve. I’m sure Sir will enjoy it immeasurably. Have fun, Sir. Wish I could experience one of these things with you. Call me daft, but I am just as intrigued/tantalised by the notion of watching him watching someone else as I am watching him perform in front of me.

Geez I sound like a right voyeur! Lol

“The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction As Beauty.” (It just made me think of that, and Bowie. Hmmm. May have to listen to Outside tonight!)

Clegg Kerr

Oh, I HATE doing this stuff…but I like sharing shots I’ve never seen before. And I wish I had the money to pay for the use of all these. Paying for the upkeep of the blog each year is enough. I keep contemplating monitising it, but I abhor the thought. I don’t want ads all over my site! No thank you. Whoever clicks on those ads anyway?
To pay for personal web use for a few years on a photo isn’t too bad…but multipy it by the number of photos I actually have on my blog, and yes, it would rack up into thousands of pounds every few years. I just don’t have the funds. So I do what I can to promote.


The photographer is Simon Clegg, and it will be the only photo of his you’ll see here. It’s relavent to the site (my site – this photo). That’s it. I don’t want to nick a whole bunch of his photos.

I came by this photo of his at – if you go to the site, you can register as a buyer and get information on photos and can get in contact with the photographer through the site to discuss buying prints/use. I will no doubt do the right thing and ask about pricing to display on my site digitally. Here goes going broke.

If nothing else, it’ll give me the opportunity of asking him more information about it. Where and when the shot was taken. I could hazard a guess around time…circa 1980/81, and quite possibly in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Clegg seemed to based in Scotland for a period…either having gone over from Australia, or had subsequently moved to Oz where he is currently based.

Anyway, I want to do the right thing.