Joe Donnelly (Caezar) Talks To Debbie McGee On BBC Radio Berkshire

You can hear his interview with Debbie around the 1 hour 38 minute mark. She does initially refer to Caezar as The Silencers…but she gets it in the end.

It was a lovely interview. I shall extract it from the rest of the program to keep a permalink here, but for the moment, you can listen to the interview (skipping forward to 1hr 38mins) by CLICKING HERE.

I’m really looking forward to Saturday night in merry Windsor. Really hoping the album arrives by post on Friday. It’s been great listening to the album on Spotify these past few weeks, but to hear it on vinyl is going to be fab…let alone hearing the tracks live 🙂

From what I can gather, tickets for the gig are still available. If you can get to Windsor on Saturday night, why not check the guys out. I get the feeling we’re in for a good night! You can get tickets HERE

One of the tracks chosen to be played during the interview was current single, Love Is A Reason – fabulous video!


Tweekly FM Stats – July 17th

Possibly the first time in nearly 4 years that my Spotify listening stats have looked like this (devoid of any Simple Minds…though I did listen to tracks from Sons And Fascination as I made my way to Aix).

Hopefully it won’t always be fully devoid of their music…but again…it’s all too soon and too raw…and I can’t disassociate Mr Messiah from the music…not yet. Perhaps not ever. Only time will tell.

The Twist And Change…

There’s that humility again…

You know, he still had it a couple of weeks ago…but it ebbs and flows. And like the tides, Cancerians are influenced by the moon…

Sometimes it gets the better of him…he starts to believe his own hype…
And it usually coincides with Simple Minds being in Italy. That is what I have noticed over the past couple of years. Something happens to Jim when the tour reaches Italy.

A change…and not for the better…
His humility disapears. His humour disappears. His belligerence goes through the roof.

I mourn for…the man I fell in love with.

“Elvis has left the building.”

Where Did It Go?

Back at a time when a beautiful young man could show some humility and knew what humble pie tasted like.

He’s obviously forgotten the flavour…or it now sours his tastebuds….

A shame.

Jim Kerr talking with Billy Sloan on Radio Clyde in March, 1984.