Lyrics Mixed With The Poison Of Real Life…

I was trying to find this interview yesterday…just, because it had been quite a while since I viewed it, and it rarely comes up. Oh…but…wow…how timely the subject matter with which The Boy speaks! Hmmmm. This one would have the dissenters raving, methinks….

That end bit? Oh, you black-hearted boy. Lol. Fuck that “happily ever after” hogwash! Somehow I think you reneged just…a tad…seeing as Speed Your Love To Me is probably one of the most romantic songs you’ve ever written. Perhaps balanced with C Moon…just in case we thought he was getting too soppy, like.

But that’s Simple Minds to a tee, I think. There’s always a little bit of a dark heart there. A dark heart. The black light. However I will continue to describe it. The thing that has me coming back again and again. The sound that I still hear very much present in Magic…

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