The Very Definition!

I wish more than anything I could paint him. I honestly, absolutely get lost in his beauty. To me, esp. when I am working on art and he is at the centre of it all and I am deep into my spell, mouthing the words under my breath in short intervals “he’s beautiful. He’s just so beautiful” – that’s when I wish most that I had a canvas to hand, could pick up my brushes and just…paint him – and do him justice. For lack of that, I try and do the next best thing. The thing I may just be able to fudge. Turn a little hazy, fuzzy little freeze frame of video into – a work of art.

HE is a work of art, to me. Jim Kerr – you are art and beauty personified. And I’m so sick of caring what you think of me. Whether you like me or not. It just doesn’t matter any more. I love you. I adore you. And it is how it will always be…until the end of days.

You are my sun, moon and stars. My beginning, middle and end. You are…he.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto – the Roman god of the Underworld. So perhaps I feel some affinity to Persephone – the Greek goddess of the Underworld. I certainly understand Persephone’s fixation with Adonis. How could she not be? And, well…look what it says – to quell the feud between Aphrodite and Persephone over him, Zeus divides up Adonis’s time in thirds. One third of the year he spends with Persephone, one third with Aphrodite, and one third with whomever he chooses.

Who does he choose? Aphrodite! Poor Persephone. Well…she at least gets to be with him one third of the year.

I should be so lucky!

Only in my dreams.

Locked in my emotional prison.

Spot the correction below…

These are the things that need written words. These are the things I could not admit to or discuss by speaking them.

Did A Thing…

Yep! Some days I even bore myself with how…obsessed…I am with this man.
The methodical work is just a distraction. I could choose another subject but it just allows me to lose myself and ogle. It probably really isn’t healthy for me. I don’t know. I need a fuck buddy or something. Lol


Possibly 1000?

You know when I do these “shrine art” pieces, I sometimes add a random number to the post because I really have no idea how many of these I’ve done.

Come September, I’d have been making these (not to this level of quality, mind!) for five years. And given for quite a bit of those five years, I have been creating new pieces daily – then it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that we are fast approaching, or may have indeed SURPASSED, 1000 of these art pieces.

Anyway, here is the latest one.

Shrine Art Attempt Number 2117

Sometimes I come away from the art for a short while – but he always draws me back in. I literally just CANNOT stop looking at him and so the only way I feel justified in doing so is…to make art and have him as the centrepiece.

He’s always the focal point. There’s just…an aesthetic to him that I can’t escape.

He said in a post a few days ago “you can never have too much of a good thing” – well fucking AMEN to that, Mr Kerr! Amen to that!

I wish he meant my “art” – but I am in NO WAY that deluded to think so. But to turn it on its head…it’s the reason for the art…because I can’t get enough of him. ❤️