Promised You Some LDF

It’s the 1981 aesthetic. Jim wearing collared shirts and tailored trousers. All very Great Gatsby and just oozing sophistication and sex appeal. He looks like a 1940s film star. So I coined the nickname “Laird Dash Fandango” for him, to sum up the look and his stage presence at the time.

Stills from the Sweat In Bullet video.

What a divine creature you are, Mr Kerr…ahem, I mean LDF 😉🥰😘

Murderous Murder Story

About 8 hours of work, spread over the past two days. I’m sure it’s shit. I’ll probably end up hating it because I overcooked it. Anyways.

I love Murder Story. Stay tuned tomorrow for my silly little LIAD anniversary post. Wish I could tell you I’m posting an interview with Jim on here…but alas, no. Never gonna happen 😦

I’m Not Crying For You (Except, I am…)

Because I bloody miss you! I am starting to get VERY severe withdrawal symptoms, Mr Kerr. Please remedy this, sharpish! (Yeah, I can keep on wishing. I know!) You know, regular FB interactivity allows me not to miss you so much, oh wonderful Sir Kerrmeister 🙂

Just saying.

And you need to stop pointing with your middle finger, you dirty boy! (Sets off on very dirty-minded reverie about one leather clad snake-hipped sex god. I may be some time…)

ANYWAYS. More art. It passes the time…

The Calming Influence

I worked on this earlier this evening. When I need to just….unwind…relax…get meditative, the art does it. The digital art does it. Jim does it. Focussing on him. Exemplifying his beauty. I know! I am solid gone. But today I don’t care.

He is the best medicine I know. I can’t express how calming and soothing working on these things can be. It’s therapy, medicine, meditation all rolled in to one.

I get so absorbed in it. The focus is solely on this. No external forces seep in.

Maybe that’s what I need with me? It worked when going to Glasgow in January! When I start to feel one of these vasovagal syncope episodes happening (if it is indeed what they are?) I need Jim’s voice to calm me. Perhaps I should have gotten my iPod out at The Stranglers gig (JJ may have thought me rude AF standing there listening to someone else…but if had helped?) and had just honed in on Jim?

I’d say “I’ll try it next time” but shit…I don’t want there to be a “next time”. Though in all likelihood there will be. And I’m hoping and praying that the next gig I’ll be at, HE WILL BE THERE! (Next gig is Trevor Horn at the RCH, Glasgow)

Anyway, this has gone a bit personal again. I just wanted to express how lovely and calming tonight’s artwork was, and how much this man soothes me yet can make my heart race at the same time.

I adore you, Mr Kerr.
(Psst – don’t tell him that! His ego fills Glasgow already. Lol – And why not…LOOK AT HIM! Beautiful!)