A Toryglen Mural?

I wished those flats at Prospecthill Circus still existed. And that I had the talent to actually paint this on the side of a building rather than have it exist digitally and only imagine how it could look on a wall – painted directly on it.

Imagine approaching Glasgow City Council to get this painted somewhere? It would be amazing!

That reminds me – I need to go and have a look at that Shuggie Bain mural painted on the side of Barrowland on Friday.

UPDATE: I worked on creating this (photo below) this morning and was about to post it on my own Facebook timeline when I though, “Oh, maybe I should post it to SMOG. I few people might appreciate it. It might get the odd like.” HOLY SHIT! I think it’s going to end up being probably the most popular thing I have ever posted on there! Wow!

Even if I do say so myself, my photoshop work is pretty darn convincing.

6 thoughts on “A Toryglen Mural?

  1. What would you call that type of design? Stencil? There’s quite a few ‘legit’ spraypainted walls popping up in Glasgow. Most recent one I saw was a guy painting the side of a cafe in Battlefield where they had sprayed the word ‘ Battlefield’ but in the style of the famous Barrowlands sign.
    Looks brilliant.

    • I guess it would be called that? I use layering techniques in my photo editing apps to achieve it.
      It looks the part anyway. And it had some people thinking that it actually exists for real, so I must have done a convincing job.
      I saw that Battlefield sign. It looked braw.
      The side of our house and the side of the garage have a lot of space there. Maybe I could just do something with those? 🤔🤔

  2. Do people actually say stuff like that ? fucking hell 🙂 . Some folk are too negative. My first thought when I saw that was that there was be a space somewhere quiet, where you could actually paint that onto an old wall ?

    • Yeah. And I am not the best “water off a duck’s back” type, as you know. I always take shit too personally. I should just say “you want it like that? Design it yourself!” It’s what the man himself would say, probably. Lol
      Asking us who we’d like to see retire this morning. Lol

    • Of course it needs Charlie, and Mick, and Derek, and Brian….Kenny, Mike…Mel…Mark…Malcolm…Andy…etc, etc
      Lol. So some are happy to tell me. It was a mere rush job but it looked great, I thought. My natural Jim bias had me just working on something featuring him. You know what I’m like, Scott. I’m trying to bat off the “it needs Charlie, etc” comments because…geez people, it isn’t real! Lol. And if it was, of course I’d be putting Charlie in, and have a more updated image…ya da ya da.
      Sorry, Scott! Lol. You got my vent.
      Thank you for the feedback though.
      I’m a Kerr “babe”, what can I say? (I wish I was a babe! Lol)

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