When The Shit Hits…

…the fan…or should that be the FANS? And then to FINALLY talk about it openly and STILL be accused of being cryptic?

Poor, Jim. The undercurrent for anyone with an INKLING of savvy has been that for weeks….months now that it’s “all change” on the SM front.

I don’t want to go over it all again, and I’m sure now Jim has very openly discussed it, he’ll swiftly move on to other subjects. New music…new tours, all that is to come. I pity all the Minds fans that have NOT been able to read between the lines these past few months. And I have pretty much been keeping my opinions about it to myself. But my opinion, as expressed some weeks back is…the essence, the heart, the core of Simple Minds is Jim and Charlie.

For some it is hard to digest, I’m sure. But it is what it is.

I’ll leave you with Sir’s response to this fan about being cryptic about the current state of Simple Minds…

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