We Talk A Lot – Mostly To Ourselves: Pondering “Today I Died Again”.

“He don’t say much. He’s bored with the fans.“ – it’s how it feels anyway. And if I hear one more “he’s a busy man” excuse, I’ll scream! Because…HE IS ALWAYS BUSY! He is Jim fucking Kerr – apart from me using “fucking” just now – “busy” is his middle name – for want of him actually having one (a middle name, that is).

Even at his most busiest, back in time…back to those halcyon days I REALLY need to move on from that have well and truly died and aren’t coming back any time soon, it seems – he would reply to people. Not just me!

The slow death of the visitor wall just kills me. He actually used to seem to take a vested interest in what people were posting to the visitor wall. Like certain things and even respond to people there. If someone had a question about the music or lyrics and he felt keen enough to, he’d respond to people there.

I mean, heck…without his interest there, the whole “art” thing of mine would have NEVER happened. I almost feel like I want to bang his head against a wall just…so he can see how important this aspect of the fandom is to some fans. It goes beyond the music! You inspire so many of us, Jim! When you respond to people it…here’s a favourite word of yours – it TRANSCENDS mere “music and listener”, mere “songwriter and fan”, mere “singer and swooning ninny”. Lol

And I miss it. Not just for me, but for other fans too!

A case in point: last night on SMOG, a fan asked about Today I Died Again – whether it was about domestic violence – quite how they reached that theory I do not know entirely (I guess just from the interaction that happens between the lead couple within the song lyric?) but I shared what I felt was my interpretation of it, and linked to my post on “Why I love…” about it.

Another fan later replied with a quote from Dream Giver Redux with this excerpt: “This song’s reincarnation theme was inspired from Jim’s reading of the Bhagavad Gita.”

Really? Okay, well the only thing that actually alludes to reincarnation within the song IS the title itself and the singing of it – and maybe the line of “back to a year, back to a youth” – even then, that’s tenuous. Also, I am not sure about whether Jim would have read Bhagavad Gita at that point. I am sure he said he first read the book in 1982 in a recent post (recent being…within the past couple of years). I know it subsequently became a much favoured book of his. As a consequence I tried reading the book. I didn’t get very far with it to be honest. I basically read this whole preamble about the book’s translation which was quite a few pages long (about 40, if memory serves). It just felt too taxing in the end. The only thing that stuck was the gained knowledge of learning it was a source of inspiration for Gandhi, which I find beyond perplexing that one of the world’s great pacifists was inspired by a book about war. Well…at least had a scene of battle as its main focal point.

Today I Died Again is penned in 1980, obviously, so I would think that predates Jim reading Bhagavad Gita? Perhaps I have my info wrong and he did indeed read it back then? I still see little evidence of the influence of the book on the song. But perhaps that’s just my interpretation of it?

Anyway, (sorry, I went off researching, and now I feel as if I have worked on this post for much longer than I intended to)…back to the fan enquiry and pondering of the song.

There would be a time, not that long in the past, in which I would have said “you could ask Jim – he might give you a reply. Who better to ask?” And that’s where I return to the special! Being able to ask the man who wrote those amazing lyrics. Okay, he may not have always replied even when I came into the fandom, even to me, but there was a heck of a lot better chance of a response six years ago than there is now! And it really, REALLY saddens me.

I was about to go off on another angry rant but…I guess I just need to give up. “No one likes a quitter”. Well, great then. No one will ever like me. Stellar. I can live with it. When you feel you’ve done all you can and you’re getting nowhere, you have to “embrace the suck” and just…walk away, I guess? Am I right, Jim?

Perhaps it is better we all ponder it amongst ourselves? There was a time, pre-Internet, where we’d had little choice to do so. The fans wouldn’t be interacting with each other as we do now. There’s no way we could pose a question to you like that unless there was luck and/or special circumstances. We wrote to you (old fashioned “snail mail” style) and you took the time to reply. Or we’d have thought to ask you backstage, had we been lucky to see you after a gig. Back then I’d guess you’d have been very reluctant to share or offer up such tokens of openness anyway. “Interpret them as you see fit.”

Admittedly, that is the beauty of your songwriting – particularly back then. Just how much they could be open to interpretation. Your very own Burroughs technique. “I’ve always liked ambiguities and fragments and things with a bit more of a mystery to them”, you said in an interview for Dutch TV in 1983.

“Out of the mouth of babes“ – and what a babe! Lol. (Yep. I’ll never stop adoring you, you gorgeous man. Fuck, I’m a hopeless case!)

So…what exactly IS Today I Died Again about? You can search for my “Why I love” piece on it and see what you think. I may just read over it again myself and see of my idea about it has changed.

“She can’t remember before the heat” – bloody hot flushes, hey hen?! Lol

When The Shit Hits…

…the fan…or should that be the FANS? And then to FINALLY talk about it openly and STILL be accused of being cryptic?

Poor, Jim. The undercurrent for anyone with an INKLING of savvy has been that for weeks….months now that it’s “all change” on the SM front.

I don’t want to go over it all again, and I’m sure now Jim has very openly discussed it, he’ll swiftly move on to other subjects. New music…new tours, all that is to come. I pity all the Minds fans that have NOT been able to read between the lines these past few months. And I have pretty much been keeping my opinions about it to myself. But my opinion, as expressed some weeks back is…the essence, the heart, the core of Simple Minds is Jim and Charlie.

For some it is hard to digest, I’m sure. But it is what it is.

I’ll leave you with Sir’s response to this fan about being cryptic about the current state of Simple Minds…

The Biting Bitch

OMG! He is SUCH a bitch!!!! Lol
OMG – Jim Kerr, I love you! (except for when you’re this bitchy to me…and even then, I quickly forgive you!)

When I saw this person’s comment yesterday (identity protected) I thought “Ooh, Jim is SSSOOO going to bite on this one!” and then forgot to check back. And lo…this morning…the crab excercised his pincers! Lol. I only saw it 20 mins ago though…but I nearly choked I was laughing so hard.

Touché Away!

Okay! I freely admit to posting this comment to get him to reply to me. I knew it would make him bite. Oh…but he knew EXACTLY what to say to make me bite back! Lol. Bitch! He knew exactly where to hit me…like he did last week with that “sideliner” comment. That one felt REALLY “below the belt”…and I still wonder if I took it far more personally than he meant (I don’t know)…but today’s was a “TOUCHÉ, GIRLY!” retort.

As for “fussing” at you, fellow fan? I was just under the concern that yet ANOTHER American fan was going to misinterpret Sir’s warped sense of humour, get the hump and piss off. Why do I care if he loses fans? I dunno…I ain’t the band’s management. But you got it…so all’s well that ends well, I guess.

Apart from me now feeling that I will forever in his eyes be the “Johnny come lately” of the SM fandom. Why I feel the need to prove my worth is, well…rather pathetic, actually. A lifetime of being an outcast…wanting to be liked…wanting to feel a sense of belonging…feeling included. And…other things aside.

I was karate-chopping pictures of him afterwards. Lol. And I punched my cushion! Lol. That felt good.

Who’s The Boss? Meow!

Anyone care to guess here why I might not have expressed my grievance to the set list being a little short and stage time lacking, just a little, to Sir personally? 

That was EXACTLY the reply I feared. I love you, Sir…but you are a bitch! Lol

And he started off so nicely, and bit his tongue…as the edit history shows. Thumper got drowned out today! Oops! Lol

The Case Was Made – And A Gracious Reply Was Given

Oh, I could reach into the Internet and kiss him! (Yuck! Says Sir! Lol.)
It really is just…amazing when he responds. He doesn’t have to. He could tell me to bugger off. He could ignore me outright…but he rarely does.

And of course he replies with aspects I did not consider (the timing of the release, and where one is in one’s life at the time to appreciate it or it to have an impact upon you).

The year of Heathen’s release was 2002. I’m not sure what was happening for Jim then…Cry was released, the Minds were touring, perhaps aside from that, there were personal issues he was going through? 

I can’t say that 2002 was a great year for me. We had it tough that year (no real change from any other year in retrospect…but 2002 was, perhaps…the catalyst)…so maybe Heathen was a solace for me? It certainly did have aspects of that. The album just…takes me on a journey. There are all the emotive and visceral elements I enjoy from an album. Joyous songs, sexy songs!, tender songs, yearning songs, melancholic songs.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll have him take another listen…and he’ll hear something else? But perhaps not. What he likes is his prerogative after all…

(As you can see from the bit I left in from screengrabbing his reply, my post to him was rather more “long-winded” than it was here on the blog! Patience of a saint, this man, I tell you!)

By The Way…

THE SPELL HAS BEEN BROKEN! A bone has been thrown (ah, the return of “poetry corner”)!
The last time he replied to one of my comments was March 24th, when he said I had a “very pretty name”. Not that I had been keeping tabs OR ANYTHING! Lol.

What a HOPELESS case I am! 

And so, I have earned another badge. To the uninitiated, this appears to be a “Sparkle In The Rain” period SM logo…but what it ACTUALLY is is a “Swot Master” badge. Lol. He basically called me a swot. Fine by me! I’ll take that bone and run to the park with it!