I think, singularly, this may be the BEST move he’s ever made. I *had* to slow it down and make a gif of it. It was just screaming out the first time I saw it. I dare say it won’t be the last gif from this clip I’ll be making.

It’s been a long, loooong time since I made one. I must have made hundreds now. Before the “art” there were the gifs 🙂

Maybe it’s time for a few more “Jim Kerr Dance Academy” lessons? What do we call this move, though? The invisible maracas?

Answers on a postcard (or in the comments)…


Thigh Rubbing Action!

Was watching the Rockpalast gig from Cologne, 1982, earlier.

Celebrate came on and I was already thinking “here we go!”…then the lovely thigh-rubbing action I had forgotten about happened. Grrr!

Haven’t made a gif for a long while, but I had to make this clip of Jim in full sweaty, thigh-rubbing glory. Nom nom nom!!!


Bust A Move!

Lol. Time on my hands. Haven’t made a gif in I dunno HOW long! I loved those Ivors interviews. Sir was on top form, messing about. So, here he is “busting a move”, giving all us fans what we crave(!). It’s never too late for a “Jim Kerr Dance Academy” lesson! Lol

I’d call this one the “side and back sway”.

Kerrsday Thursday – WCS – A&K3

“Alive and kicking…stay until your love is”

Alive And Kicking