Rock Pop Art Will Eat Itself

About two thirds of the way through this one, I decided I wanted to make it look a little pop art. I do like to give quite a bit of my work that pop art edge.

It was starting to go a bit Lichtenstein and I thought “why stop there? Let’s make it a bit Warhol too”.

And so, I present to you…The Lichtenhol – title needs a bit of work. Lol. I thought seeing as we like to make portmanteau words out of names these days… Warstein doesn’t sound right.

Lichtenhol? Well, it sounds a little suggestive, so…RIGHT UP MY STREET! Lol

Shrine Art No 1203

I just wanted to try something different…but with the same subject matter I fall back on.

In times of…descending melancholia, just…working on art around this beautiful face gives me focus, purpose. He’s my “human fidget spinner”, if I can be so crude? (I can. And now my mind is wildly wandering…GALLOPING…off elsewhere).

His sharing of the art from Cheryl Anne Grace a day or so ago. Of the NOLA “saints”? I mean, I’m obviously no Cheryl Anne…but I certainly have my own figurehead. My own deity.

I will forever regret saying what I said to him back in July. Because, coming from me, it was hypocrisy of the highest order. I portray him and treat him like a god in my art.

He is the centre of my artistic universe (and not just my artistic one).

I played around with this one for four hours. Am I pleased with it? Dunno…jury’s out. Did it put a stop to the descent into melancholy? Insomuch as it took the focus away from it for a while – Yes.

Sometimes I can attack a piece with sheer enthusiasm and delight, and it may come together in an hour. Other times, it is genuine therapy. I lose myself in it.

It used to be birds. But birds can only achieve that in daylight hours. This can happen any time of the day. And can start when high or low in mood.

But…am I an artist? I genuinely don’t know. A blagger? Most likely…

The Mysterious Pic

A couple of weeks back, I was asked whether I’d like to work on a photo of Jim taken at one of the US shows by a lady that attended. She had seen some of my work on Instagram and really liked what she saw and asked if I’d like to try something with one of her photos. I had full creative control on what to do with it.

Tonight I went to work and something pretty fab unfolded, so here is the result.

Thanks to Vidhya @mysteriousdays2 on Instagram for giving me the chance to play around with such a fab photo. I’m so happy you’re happy with the result.


Sometimes…You Just Never Find It

Sometimes it comes really easy and after just a short play…something develops, takes shape and is there before I know it.

Other times (like tonight)…I build layer upon layer upon layer…add things, remove things, change things. Get a sense of what I want, but lose perspective trying to find it. That…nothing ever is quite right.

As a result…with this one I am really not sure. I knew what I was after, but still don’t think I’ve quite achieved it. I’ve been trying for about three hours though…and I could have kept going for three hours more…but frustration was kicking in. Which it usually does. I find it soothing and relaxing to begin with…and if it’s flowing right and going in the right continues to feel that way. But when it ISN’T moving along how I want it to…I begin to lose focus and it becomes aggravating, and I just have to come to a stop.

But, I feel I need to complete something. Produce a final “product”, even when unhappy with it.

The good days and the bad days…

(PS: The rest of that wording can be open to interpretation. When I first chose the wording, I was thinking of Jim himself and so, for me, it ended with “IS gold”. But then having written out this post, and the frustrations of it not always gelling when doing my arty farty bits, that changed to “is NOT ALWAYS gold”. Take your pick…)