Minds Music Monday – New Gold Dream Tour – Sydney

The two Edinburgh shows are less than two weeks away now and thoughts are turning to the New Gold Dream anniversary. I’m going through a lull right now with listening to them. I know! It’s all a very sad state of affairs, isn’t it? For nearly 8 years I listened to them every single day. EVERY DAY – FOR HOURS! Now I am lucky if it is once or twice a week. Natural ‘burn out’?

To be fair, it isn’t just them. I don’t know when the last time I listened to a Bowie album was either. And he was my be all and end all before the SM flame was (re)kindled.


In thinking about NGD and wanting something to listen to a few nights ago, I checked through my list of bootlegs and this one most appealed. The only way I am ever going to experience them ‘back home’ is a fantasy nostalgia trip…dreaming of a fun anecdote that I wish Jim had shared with me at the Paris soundcheck.

For me, Hunter And The Hunted and King Is White are highlights at this gig. Room ain’t bad either…


Roll on August 12th and 13th. (Incidentally, Aug 12th has significance to me…it’s my mum’s birthday. Ironically, she’d have been turning 84…passing away when she was 81.)

Temporary Hiatus – Minds Music Monday – Big Sleep

Not much will be happening here on the blog for the next week as I have to knuckle down for my next uni assignment. Demotivation is starting to rear its ugly head and I need to try and deal with that.

So here’s an apt Minds Music Monday choice. I chose this clip because Jim smiles a lot.

Ah, today’s post…seeing a lady share a photo of this beautiful smiling face she got from Jim. Jealous much? You bet I was! Nothing would make me happier than to see that smile and know that I had produced it…rather than…that look that says “Why are you still here? Please go home, go away. Tiresome woman.”

Wish I could put the ‘Big Sleep’ on my feelings…

Minds Music Monday – Hunter And The Hunted – Australia, 1982

There’s a recording I have from Sydney but there is one on YT from Melbourne – same tour, around 10 days apart. To me, when I listen to both these recordings, Jim sounds thoroughly exhausted – especially on both recordings of Hunter And The Hunted – and they both are placed early in the set.

The thing I love most about these versions of HATH is that towards the end as Jim is singing those “only with you life moves so fast” lines, he sings one of them with emphasis (for Oz audiences only, it seems, as I am pretty certain he doesn’t emphasise the words like this at any other time – same as he does with King Is White And In The Crowd – again, for Oz only, more accurately Sydney…he knows us Aussie c*nts too well. Lol) and sings “with you life moves so FUCKING fast”. That always gives me an extra buzz, and extra ripple of delight. Call me shallow!

These days he doesn’t even sing the line at all, but that doesn’t mean HATH is any less appealing and wow – the visual display it had at the gigs this year with those wild horses cantering through the Badlands? MAGIC!

If the auto skip embed hasn’t worked – Hunter And The Hunted starts at 11:35

Minds Music Monday … Is On Temporary Hiatus

I have to concentrate on my study and I can post things as and when, but when it comes to something like MMM, and in particular the dedication I put towards it for the SAF/SFC 40th anniversary posts – I just don’t have the time to dedicate to that right now.

So, for now, as a dedicated week-in, week-out Monday post, it will be on hold, most likely until the summer.

I will post other things here! I’m hoping I can review the shows I go to and keep abreast of any SM news that comes along, etc, but for now….as far as Minds Music Monday is concerned it’s…

Minds Music Monday – Superman v Supersoul

The weather over the weekend has been glorious and continues to be wonderfully sunny, if not still a wee bit cold. I am looking forward to warmer days. The sun has been lovely and thank god that, it least as hours of sun is concerned, spring has sprung. Those rays just need to be a tad warmer yet. No fear of me taking my ‘tap aff’ just yet! Lol

Today’s choice for me conjures up warm weather. A dusky late afternoon basking in glorious sunshine. A sun that warms body and soul.

Visions of Angkor Wat, or maybe the Kedarnath Temple in Gopeshwar in northern India…or any other temple that is within range of the Himalayas.

Happy spring!

Minds Music Monday – Woman

We’re one week into spring and I was thinking of choosing something that was symbolic of heralding in spring.

But it also wasn’t lost on me that tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I should pick something for that also.

So…what to do?

Ah, well…what pops into my head is Woman – with the theme of balmy late spring evening and…a woman…bam! Two birds, one stone.

Happy Minds Music Monday!

Mozart Music Monday

Mondays to me now are very much study days. And as I settle into a rhythm and routine pattern of study, Monday is the “get back to it!” day.

Saturdays are technically the start of a new study week and I am trying to keep ahead of time and not allow myself to fall behind on my coursework. I am in a very fortunate position to do that, I know, and so I intend to take full advantage of it.

My new study week begins on either Thursday or Friday. I allow myself a day off any study at all on Sunday and then are able to take enough downtime away during the rest of the week not to feel overwhelmed by the whole thing.

In this way, Sundays are a complete no-no for any study at all. And so Monday is “Right! Back to it, girly!“ – which now means that Monday morning my mind is filled with all the stuff I have been taking in on my subject of study so far and that Minds Music Monday is becoming somewhat of an after thought. I know!!

This week the study is on Mozart and I am absolutely loving it! Whoever organised this module (I think it’s a man called Richard Jones…? I’ll have to check that…) knew where my mind needed to be at after the stress of submitting my first assignment – with music.

I feel more in my comfort zone this week, which I know is not where you should be if you want your mind open to learning and expanding but I am not ENTIRELY within my comfort zone. The zone itself – music – is a comfort, but I have never, EVER studied ANY classical music like this before. Or Mozart either. My knowledge of classical music would leave plenty of space left on a postcard in all honesty. But the subject also plays to my strength, or what I hope is a strength, or one that I really would LIKE to be a strength – interpreting music and defining it.

I am loving listening to the music we’re being asked to listen to and to describe it and understand it in construct and contextually. To understand the tie between the music and Mozart and his reputation. As a consequence, Mozart’s Piano Sonata No.11, 3rd Movement, “Rondo Alla Turca” has been a constant earworm since I heard it as an identifiable Mozart piece (as I am obviously familiar with some classical pieces, but from Chopin, Arvo Part and the odd piece here and there, I don’t know which piece of music belongs to which composer) on Friday.

This whole block of study for the next four weeks really has me excited, for instead of historical figures, we’ll actually be looking at the arts and certain people within the arts – Mozart, Mary Wollstonecraft, Charles Dickens and Van Gogh.

Anyway! All of this is a preamble to say that for this week, because I sat here this morning thinking “OH BUGGER! IT’S MONDAY – IE: MINDS MUSIC MONDAY!” and I had nothing other than Mozart in my head, I decided to turn it into Mozart Music Monday instead. Lol

And I am sorry for all the student talk! I will try and be a bit less “my student days” and more “Oh, yeah, this site is about Simple Minds, eh?” here. But for now, enjoy this off-topic earworm.

Minds Music Monday – Careful In Career

This week I will be somewhat cheating, as I did a lengthy post about this song for MMM barely six months ago. I wanted to post about it last week, as the song was my earworm over the previous weekend and I was just feeling a lot of love for it. But Empires That Dance had just brought out their version of Someone Somewhere In Summertime and what with it being Valentine’s Day and all….

So here I am this week, still thinking about and loving Careful In Career.

One thing I will say is that during my choosing of the six tracks that I chose for the Son/Sister anniversary celebration on Pulse 98.4 with Ronnie McGhie, Careful In Career only just missed the cut.

Also, the piece of “fan art” I did for the song is still one of my most favourite pieces.

Sorry it’s so short and sweet this week. Uni study and the excitement of the tour recommencing and the imminent trip to Paris are all dominating my thoughts at the moment. I hope to do a more substantial post next week – no promises though!

Happy MMM!

Minds Music Monday – Empires That Dance – Someone Somewhere In Summertime

A special Valentine’s MMM this week with a very special recording of Someone Somewhere In Summertime by Empires That Dance, dedicated to Gordon and Angelique Machray.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

It can be a bit of an isolating day for the lonely. Even if we all think this day is corporate, capitalist claptrap, when you’re on your own, it can still bring home that loneliness. So to those who are alone today, do something special for yourself. Allow yourself a treat, whatever that will be. And be kind to yourself.

Minds Music Monday – Brucey Bonus – Belated 38th Anniversary To Sparkle In The Rain

It’s a belated Happy 38th Anniversary to Sparkle In The Rain. The anniversary was actually yesterday and there was celebration at Casa Read by way of this beauty getting a play on the old turntable.

A favourite track? Well, during yesterday’s airing of the album, Waterfront was sounding particularly good. And it was one of the first songs that I remember clearly sticking out at me, making me aware of this “Simple Minds” band that was around.

But…having said all that, I still get flabbergasted by the majestic sound and “OMG WTF is that?“ time signature to White Hot Day. Enjoy!