Someone Somewhere In Summertime With LDF

Had a go at tidying up the image of Jim in the SSIS fold-out poster with the 7” vinyl. Don’t know if any of you guys have a crease proof copy, but I don’t…and I have three of them! Lol.
30+ years of being folded up will do that.

The crease stubbornly would fall all down the left side of his face across his eye (and when I say the left side…I mean from his perspective). I tried tidying it up years ago, but thought I’d have a fresh go…and just added a few other “improvements”. (Not so much with him…it’s impossible to improve upon perfection…)

The fresh attempt was spurred on by someone viewing my original attempt of “improvement” a couple of days ago.

Goth Prince Holga Style

Yep! Still loving the holga setting! And the 1982 aesthetic is hitting bad too. The heavy eye makeup and the pallid skin tone…ERMAGERD! Imma gonna say it…this man is beautiful! #SorryNotSorry

This could almost have me revisiting the old Laird Dash Fandango stuff.

Ooh…now, there’s a thought!

Rather Reptilian

Today at St albans market I spied this! (See pic below) And well…how could I resist getting it? Actually, there were TWO of them, and I dithered over which one to get (the other had more colourful facets to it – but I was worried it might clash with some clothing)

Of course, it instantly made me think of something…

Minds Music Monday – Manchester, 1982

I was a mess yesterday. Never really used to get this “PGD” thing…but I have rarely been exposed to it in terms of there being gigs still happening in the UK that I can’t attend.

Last year, for example, I was at the final two Acoustic shows in England…and then I flew over the Irish Sea for the final two Dublin gigs. The PGD didn’t hit so hard because of that.

The two times it has hit really hard were….the autumn arena tour of Big Music in 2015. Having a ticket for the O2 in London but being out in Oz. But at that point in time, I couldn’t be anywhere else. The other time was SMs tour of Oz in early 2017. The Hordern Pavilion gig and Jim’s description of it being “like a home gig”. But I was consoled by my nine Acoustic tickets…knowing that a few months down the line, I’d be seeing nine amazing shows.

And then there’s now. And because it ended on such a high…but there are gigs “local” and within reach – geographically anyway…but I am utterly skint to buggery – it’s just making the comdown harder.

BUT….I have 21 gigs under my belt in the space of four years – 18 of those in the past 18 months. Countless meetings with Jim and various other band members. How on earth can I complain?! I’m not! I’m definitely NOT. I know how fortunate I am…but it didn’t stop those “woe is me” feelings yesterday.

It’s a drug. It’s a buzz…and you just keep wanting it.

ANYWAYS! In an attempt to combat the PGD, I watched some of the Rockpalast gig from 1982 in Cologne. Then, through the night…sleep eluded me, so I went to YouTube and listened to the Manchester gig from November, 1982. It’s such a fab gig and the audio quality is brilliant. Like it was recoded yesterday.

Did it help combat the PGD? Not really. Did it help me sleep? Eventually…