Happy Anniversary Bristol Toblerones – Plural…

Tonight, one year ago…yet ANOTHER dream was fulfilled. I never thought it possible! Surely ONE dream in a week being fulfilled is enough? Actually…the previous two weeks had been just…beyond anything I EVER imagined.

Meeting David Tennant. Having a photo with him and my ticket stub signed by him.
Taking my first trip to Glasgow…for a Minds gig (my second trip to Glasgow in total).
Meeting Jim for the first time in Liverpool.
Meeting him AGAIN in Bridlington. Having Catherine dedicate Rivers Of Ice to me! Posing for photos with Jim. Him putting his arm around me! Just…I could have ALREADY died happy!

And then, at Bristol…this!

Another dream come true. To have him say my name!

I just wanted to hear him say it to me! I NEVER expected him to say it in a room full of people! And then I am put on the backfoot…my head is spinning…he just said my name and now I am expected to respond to a question! The pedant in me is thinking, “This is an important question, get it right!” And the other part of me is saying, “How would I know? I have NO bloody idea! I left school when I was 14! You are ssooo asking the wrong person here! But…I love you!”

I can’t tell you how many times I have played it. Not…EVERY day…and not very often now. But today I did. A very special anniversary.

One year on, and Jim…thank you. For ever…pandering to such a silly, pathetic, sad excuse of a fangirl. It means everything. It always will.

It’s About This Point In Time When I Say…

…. I miss him!

”The moment’s high, the wait is (mercifully not very now) long”

Actually just missing his presence online…FB posting, and chatting to us.

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Catherine and Jim

I had seen another photo in this sequence in which Jim is kissing Catherine’s cheek, but this one is just as beautiful…if not more beautiful because of the eye contact between them.

I love these two people so much. They have both given me some of the most amazing experiences of my life this year. Thank you!

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Berlin Babe

I think this might be during Big Sleep…he was usually like this when performing Big Sleep…just…living in the moment…

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Classic Pop Gig Review – London Palladium – Best Live Show

Ooh, very nice for Classic Pop to give them “best live show” in their July issue. It was one I was at, and it was a belter! But…lol…I do love that Jim is getting a reputation for his “dad dancing”. Quite a contrast from the awkward boy who wouldn’t dance at parties as a teen. I think he’s finally taken the “life’s too short” philosophy. And, of course, as far as he is concerned…when interviewed last year at the Ivors, we all WANT the dad dancing! Lol. Of course we do…you make us all feel capable of dancing too. Lol