Heart Of The Crowd – Limited Edition Boxed Presentation

So initially I held off getting the Heart Of The Crowd book on pre-order. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to expose myself to all those stories. I was slowly coming round to it and was starting to think that maybe it would be good. And the £45 didn’t seem too bad. A little more expensive than I had liked (as I said before, the 16 Years book is of a similar volume but was just that more modestly priced at £35) but, you know…I’m sure it would be worth it.

I am glad I had held off because one of the fans on one of the SM groups alerted us to THIS!

The blurb about it reads:

With foreword from Jim Kerr. The Special Box edition is limited to 1,000 copies only and are all individually numbered.

The Special Box edition comes compete with bonus items including: Certificate of Authenticity numbered 1-1000, two rare early black and white photos signed by Jim and Charlie, a plectrum made for Charlie for the 2020 tour, Simple Minds 40 Hits tour VIP pass with lanyard, Simple Minds 2020 fridge magnet, sticker sheet with 24 badges, replica Saturday Night Live ticket from 1985, replica BBC In Corcert ticket from 1979, replica Mars Bar Club flyer from 1977 (I think they mean 1978, I hope they do!), all presented in a box with artwork.

Well…I couldn’t actually resist THIS version and have gone ahead and pre-ordered it. When you make it ultra collectable, of course then you pull me in! I already have the photo of Jim. I got some prints from Laurie Evans just a short while ago and it included that particular photo of Jim. I don’t have any of Charlie (of Laurie’s in print form), so there’s a bonus already.

I won’t lie – I took a steep intake of breath when I saw the cost but it wasn’t like I wasn’t prepared. And I do think given the collectable nature of it and all the bonus content, it is actually a more reasonable price than the standard copy of the book. All of that other stuff for £40 more quid? Sounds bloody decent to me!

So, yes. This special box limited edition is priced at £85 but, in my eyes, better value for money than the standard edition.

I just pray now that my little contribution features in it…but I highly doubt it. There is nothing grandiose in my fan story I have to offer. certainly not what I had submitted anyway.

Yep. I was keeping quiet about it. About the fact I actually DID submit something. But I sat on my hands for months because I felt I had nothing to offer the book as Miss Johnny-Come-Lately “not a real fan – earn your stripes, girly” fan – so…yeah.

I’ll be no doubt desperately disheartened if my little bit doesn’t make it in…but I have had more than my share in recent times. And I’ll love Jim all the rest of my days for being so kind and lovely to me when he did. (Oh, how I miss it! STOP CRYING!!! 😭😭😭)

Nothing could ever mean more to me than that.

So…if you have £85 to burn, have contributed to the book and know you’re appearing in it (some fans already seem to know they are in it) then you MAY just want to splash out. At only 1,000 limited copies, I wouldn’t dilly dally though!

Details on purchasing the book can be viewed HERE

Dream Adventures…

The wanders I have been doing recently. I still dream of stuff like this. Maybe I’m holding out going to the Necropolis so I can dream he’ll accompany me? Lol – yeah. In my dreams, I know!

I could take HIM to Sighthill – though he’s probably already been. We could compare and contrast. Who has the better local cemetery. Lol (Sighthill FTW!)

My friend Stephen is always joking about Jim taking me “up The Trossachs”. Lol. I’d be happy with the Necropolis.

I’d be happy with anywhere. I’d be happy to know he’d even want to share space on earth with me….SOMEWHERE.

I wish I could stop being a silly cow and STOP WISHING for things that will never happen.

I guess I had my chance. The promenade at Bridlington. And I squandered it. Stupid fool.

View From The (Sight)hill

There are probably more beautiful cemeteries – but I love Sighthill. I’d be more than happy to be buried there. But…who knows what will happen to my shell when I’m gone? There won’t even be anyone around to care so it hardly matters.

Throw me in the Clyde. Who cares.

Anyway…it’s beautiful. See for yourself below…

Forgot today’s step count!
Oh, and Sultan with her toy spider.

Choc Waffles

Wafflefest about the hunt for choc, the need for a haircut, and other general musings.

P.S. It was ALL I was dreaming of! And the kids seem to like their toys. I think Sultan wants to play for Celtic. Lol. And I’m booked in for a cut on Tuesday. At bloody last!

New Date For Simple Minds Fan Convention In Glasgow

Originally set to take place on March 21st of this year, as soon as it was obvious that the UK was heading for lockdown – and with Scotland taking the earliest measures – the organisers of White Hot Day acted fast to first postpone and then reschedule the event.

With the world still in varying phases of lockdown and the rescheduled date fast approaching, the need to once again reschedule seemed the most obvious thing.

So here we are now, folks, with a new rescheduled date. This time, hopefully, nothing will stop it taking place. See you all next year in Glasgow! Bring gifts! It’ll be my birthday the following day.