Minds Music Monday

Us Aussie’s knew a good thing when we heard it! (Even if some of us took 30 odd years to REALLY appreciate it! Now – that always makes me sound like I wasn’t a fan then. Not so! I was…but I was decidedly casual and not the UBER DIE HARD fan I am now.) 

So much so, in fact, that before the release of Promised You A Miracle in the spring of 1982, Australia gave Minds a Top 10 hit with Love Song…and it has always been a firm favourite of mine as a result. Even before “uber” fandom set in.

Seeing as I can’t actually share the particular version of Love Song I wanted to share (Extended Remix version on Themes: Volume 5), let’s have them “performing” it (in crap quality) on European TV, with Jim doing stellar work being a cameraman’s worst nightmare. (I swear this guy just gives up after a bit!)

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