Jim, Are You Not Entertained? Podcast Chat

Jim posted about it yesterday, saying he was asked about Mandela.

It’s all well and good they were asking about Mandela Day. As you say, under current circumstances it makes sense.

But I still can’t help but feel pangs of envy. I mean, geez, it’s their SECOND interview in as many years and I can’t even get a look in!

And I know why. I get it. I am not deemed professional. My blog is just a “fan blog”. “Jim and Charlie don’t do blogs.” And I fancy the pants off you and adore you and I know doubt bore you to tears as well. And all that goes against me.

But! As a fan, I have questions. Rather different and specific ones. Not your usual “tell us the story about ‘dot dot dot’”. Maybe that’s what else goes against me also?

No. It’s just this…thing. This overriding feeling I get from you that I bore you rigid and you don’t really want to talk to me. I had my time and now I am “surplus to requirements”.

Man, I wish the shoe was on the other foot – or the feeling was mutual. Lol. But it isn’t. It never will be. I’ll ALWAYS want to talk to you, spend time with you, be near you. 😞😞😞

Anyways, here’s a link to the podcast. I’ve not listened to it yet. Or to the Jools thing yet. I’ll get round to it. When I have finished licking my wounds and wishing for things that will never be. (Reading certain passages of Lanark – man, I feel Alasdair Gray’s anguish over the opposite sex.)



(P.S. I nicked Sir’s selfie. Bite me, Kerr!)


Fan AND Friend? In My Dreams!

Oh, how I wish I could straddle those first two descriptions, but I know I will only ever be steadfastly in the first. If I’m even in there. I might not be “real” enough to even fit that mould.

Probably why I never actually passed on good luck to the band in general (extended good luck and safe travels to some individual members), as I am feeling less and less “part of it”, the more I get…absorbed in it.

Never mind, eh?

Anyway. I’ll dream I’m at least in the first and have endless fantasies of being in the second…

Minds Music Monday – Boys From Brazil

They’re in rehearsals this week. The OH and I just talking over what we believe to be the usual scenario – Jim turns up to rehearsals on the final day.

“How are we doing?” asks Jim. “WE’RE doing great”, says Charlie. Then my dream wish kicks in…”Oh, by the way, we’ve added Boys From Brazil to the set list”, says Charlie.
“You what?”
“Yeah, we took a vote. It was unanimous. Enjoy your rehearsals, Jim. I’m off for a wee dram. See ya.”


Lick My Oreos!

I shared this on the SMO visitor wall…but I am sure they’ll take the bloody thing down for heaven’s sake, even though I am just sharing it for a laugh and probably no SM fan would bid… but it’s good cause anyway. I would hope they won’t mind.

I couldn’t help but imagine the SM ladies and…a few men too…what we’d be like if Jim had done this. OMG!

WOOF! “Towel for Priptona!” Lol


One Wish – Reimagined?

Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of Street Fighting Years…and I think I just ended up exhausting myself with having interviews for Life In A Day to try with more.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask Bruce for more time. As it was he started to worry I wanted to go though every single Simple Minds album with him. Lol. So…I just couldn’t bring myself to ask for one last interview session for a SFY retrospective.

The only others really relevant to it are Mick, Jim and Charlie…Mel too, I guess…and there are a few others. Trevor Horn…

And on that note! Minus any post Jim may do about the anniversary of SFY (I’ve got to say, I am actually STUNNED there is no box set release to coincide with the anniversary….but perhaps along with the Rejuvenation sets and RSD ltd ed. Graffiti Soul release, it was all deemed too much?) – I would DREAM of a reveal of he and Charlie being Trevor Horn’s special guests at the “Reimagines” gigs in July. At least the Glasgow one.

One can but keep dreaming, I guess…

And When You Dream…

…”Dream of kisses with me”?! I never expected my comment to get a like. BUT…what was the like for? Just an affirmative of me saying “it’s a fab review”? An agreement that I am indeed dreaming (thinking I’ll ever get a kiss from him)! Or…the notion I want to find out for myself if Chrissie was (is) right?

My dreams will get ever bolder!
I dreamed of a hug…pretty much fulfilled.
I wished and prayed for him to say my name…again, tick!
I keep dreaming for the doughnut “date”… sigh – as yet, nothing.
A kiss? Well…in my dreams I would take that like on SMO FB as a “one day” dream that I’d find out! He certainly has the most gorgeous mouth and lips.

Oh, in my wildest, WILDEST dreams! Lol

The three images below…let me explain. There was a review shared on SMO early this morning of the gig in Cleveland (now several weeks back). The first pic is an excerpt of the final part of the review. Second is the comment I left on SMO about the review. Thirdly is the notification of a “like” of my comment. From Jim himself? Who knows for sure…
But the timing it happened would suggest…maybe?
And, well, I might as well link to Julie Finley’s full review (with pics) for you to enjoy…click here to read it


Don’t Let’s Ask For The Moon – We Have The Stars

I know I shouldn’t say this. I shouldn’t share it here but…I WANT TO BE JAINE!


Just…something so innocuous as seeing a film with him. I just wish. And for a TARDIS. For it to be then…as much as I would still want it to be now.

I can see the imagery in my head.

I fear that I probably will, in all brutal honesty, dream the rest of my life away.

It is just…above all else…that chance for the luxury of time with him. A chance to be away from the music. For it to be apart from the music…although it could STILL be about the music…just not SM. At least, not a gig. Experiencing a different gig, maybe – with him being viewer/attendee rather than performer/frontman…a film…a meal…a binge viewing of a TV series…an art exhibition…a hike, even! I’d bloody climb a mountain for him. Lol. Yeah, I’d go “off hiking” with him…

Just, time to be. A scenario that isn’t rushed. A scenario that allows me to be speechless. Lol. Because there is time for silence…rather than I am rendered speechless because the time is so precious that it makes me lost for words because I have a ton of things I want to say, but can’t say them all, and my mind gets in a muddle and I am put into a stupor.

Time to be relaxed with him…instead of some heady, silly school girl. Oh…I know it will never be. Only in my dreams.

And so, while Aix-Les-Bains is less than three weeks away, and I get my next chance to be in his presence…I shall think of the words delivered by Bette Davis in Now Voyager.

Dream A, Dream A: What To Ask Santa For This Year?

Well…last Christmas it was the dream of being hugged by Jim on the Renfrew ferry in 1983 that became manifest and real at Bridlington in May.

So…what do I possibly ask Santa for THIS year? More of the same? Geez, I wouldn’t say no! Perhaps MUCH more of the same? As in…more time with him…?

There are certainly more gigs to be had next year, for starters! Well, perhaps not MORE (there was quite a nice tally for that Acoustic tour) but more spread out through the year. More evenly distributed, rather than a concentrated bunch in the space of a few weeks.

So…what do I ask for? A PROPER meeting? That would be WONDERFUL. Time to just sit and talk to him…that is still very high on the list. But, geez…I need to be able to talk to him face to face, first. Lol. Be able to grasp speaking the English language in front of him. Feel I can converse with him.

So…Santa, if you’re listening…perhaps a good one hour long meeting with Jim? Perhaps even blended with that doughnut date I ssooo keep on wishing for? What ya think, oh bearded maestro? Can you make it happen?

Fingers crossed, eh?

Link to last year’s Christmas post HERE