Christmas Dreams

As you may know (you may not…but you soon will!), I rarely dream of Sir. The current statistic would be about 4 times a year. Lol. (Two dreams in one night! – The link might show at the bottom of the page if the metadata matches them up.)

I have also, for the past 3 Christmases, asked Santa to deliver me Sir under my Christmas tree 🙂

Anyway…Santa delivered this year! In my dreams, at least. The locations in my dreams are not always easy to pinpoint (a lot tend to be composite blends of several locations), but I think this one might have been on the Renfrew ferry, and around December, 1983. The filming of the Waterfront video. Jim and the other Minds bhoys all (d)rugged (sorry, just his corny and perhaps deliberately playful reply to my comment about keeping warm in Glasgow when I went there in early November) up against the cold.

Well, in this dream, I seemingly was on the ferry with them, sitting next to Jim, on his left. At some point I must have appeared particularly cold, or he just fancied it…but he reached over with his left arm, pulled me in close and hugged me. He just held me there against his left side. I, in turn, wrapped my arms around his middle and snuggled in close.

It felt wonderful! There was absolutely nothing sexual about it (more’s the pity!!), just a warming embrace…but it felt magical. 

In my dream, he kept me there in that embrace for a good 10 to 15 minutes…I was then roused awake from my dream by Wonderful In Young Life playing in my ears on my iPod.

It felt like the most beautiful Christmas morning! A happy “Jimbo Crimbo”. 

Shove over, Mel! You’re hogging mae spot! Lol

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    You know…I never really did believe dreams could come true, but what happened at Bridlington fairly much played out like this (but how I wish I had done something with that double entendre he gifted me. Lol) – apart from the amount of time he held me. It wasn’t as long as 10-15 mins…but HOW I did not want it to end. It was absolutely beautiful! :-)))

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