Simple Minds Magazine Article – Mojo Magazine Early 2012

It’s a clipping I only recently came into possession of and I had never (for obvious reasons) read the article before.

Some interesting things said. Interesting to read Mick saying that he thought they’d have all stayed together…maybe might had still been together (as of then) if Brian hadn’t have left when he did.

Also interesting them bringing up the cover of Record Mirror mag with Brian on it. I was only very recently chatting to Ronnie about that cover. He said to me it wasn’t the photo he wanted on the cover and shared with me a photo of Jim he had submitted for use (which I won’t be sharing here unless I get photographer’s permission first – I haven’t asked him).

Good bit of talk about Rockfield and Iggy and Bowie in the lead up to Saturday’s airing of the documentary on the BBC.

Jim seems rather more philosophical in this than he has done at other times.

A couple more clippings to come….including another Sheila Rock gem (hence the reason I ended up with the clipping – prior to the “naked titties” one surfacing).

4 thoughts on “Simple Minds Magazine Article – Mojo Magazine Early 2012

  1. ‘Good news from the next World ‘ is Simple Minds’ best guitar driven album imo.
    Charlie’s finest hour . Total rock , less effects . I do love the effects though but he’s brilliant on this album .

  2. An interesting read! I’m far from being a purist on the line-up front – can’t wait to see the current personnel next year. But I do find myself wondering how things would have panned out had the original members stayed. There was a genuine alchemy there. Interesting to read Mick’s comments about nobody trying to persuade Brian to stay – Jim said something almost identical about Mick’s departure in an interview I read a while back, from about 2008/2009.

    • To be fair, I don’t really think Mick gave Jim or Charlie much of a chance to talk him round…he ran away. I think at that point all the talk in the world would not have persuaded Mick to stay. He was exhausted.
      I have always loved Brian’s playing. The trick of him is that…I dunno….he doesn’t make things look that complex when you watch him play – until you go to play it, that is! I don’t know how he came up with half the stuff he did being self-taught. Chelsea Girl is stuffing me up right now. Lol

      • I think that’s the sign of a really gifted player – that they can make it look so deceptively easy. And maybe the problem with being inspired by the best yourself when you’re starting out – you’re setting yourself a really hard task (I speak from experience – as a 17-year old sat in my room with my new guitar, inspired by Charlie, and barely able to manage a single chord, lol). I’m sure it will suddenly “click” – you’ve not been playing long. And you have a good teacher in Cherisse.

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