My Top 50 Art Piece – Redone

Today there was a change. After a year of the same songs being in my Top 50, I had to bump one out and Lightning in in its place. I wanted to rejig my art piece. At first I just whited out the song being bumped and put Lightning in over the top of it…but it looked messy and well, the whole piece deserved a rehash.

I really wanted to make it different. Newer apps means I can do so many more things now. I spent quite a bit of time getting the image of Jim himself how I wanted it. Then I started with the titles and the fonts. About…4 hours in, I realised I wasn’t going to get all the titles to fit in it! So, I started the fonts off from scratch!

After ANOTHER 4 hours I was done! Jim has a King Is White And In The Crowd crown 🙂 With Celebrate, I couldn’t help but have a giggle with the old “exploding ovaries”. Lol. I had to cheat with 70 Cities – there just wasn’t room left it give its full title! There wasn’t even room for a ‘Priptona’ mark!

But, it is MY Top 50, and personal to me…so if anyone has the exact same Top 50, then, I suppose they are welcome to copy it…but why would you want to?

The way I’ve positioned the King Is White and Murder Story titles makes it look like a piece of religious iconography! Simple Minds *is* my religion! And Jim is my own Personal Jesus 🙂 (Lol. Jimmy Jesus! Thanks to my brother-in-law Peter, I have referred to Christ on the crucifix as “Jimmy Jesus” for YEARS now. At least a good 30.)

It took a long time to get there, but it looks awesome!

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