Pleasantly Disturbed – New Hanging Around Books Release!

A new release by Hanging Around Books sees images taken in 1978 by Laurie Evans feature in the book.

I feel ssooo bad as I made the horrendous assumption that Laurie is a man! My apologies, Laurie.

I’ve been waiting a while on this one as I had contacted Laurie some time back from seeing photos she’d taken of Jim on the banks of the Clyde years ago and enquired about prints. She told me of its imminent release then and I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival since then.

The book is officially released on Feb 28th but is available to pre-order.

Use the link below for order details.

P.S. I don’t care how it sounds but – he is goddamn beautiful on that cover! There. It’s done.

What A Night, Old Fruity

Well, I was freaking out that I wasn’t going to make it for the 6pm arrival time as I was still at the house waiting for a taxi to come collect me at 5.40pm. It’s Saturday night in Glasgow… traffic will be heaving! But it was mercifully fine. I still can’t quite get my head around the fact we are as far (or as close… depending on your perspective) from the city centre of Glasgow as we were in our old house from Luton Town centre. My taxi fare into the city was £6. We were at the Old Fruit Market in 10 mins.

I arrived and spotted one Mr Ronald Gurr at the bar. I sidled up and said hello. We chatted a bit. He asked me after a while “do you know where you’re seated?” “Nope. I have no idea.” “You could be seated with them”, he says to me. “Pfffft! I doubt that!” “Well… you never know”, he says.

As it was, I was seated at a table with Ronnie himself.

There wasn’t much of a view from my seat to be honest. £150 paid to see f*** all – it was starting well.

A couple of hours in Ronnie says to me “they’ll be on at midnight”. Whaaaa???! It wasn’t even 8pm!

I was also kept company by Rita and Nicolle. It was great to be with fellow SM fans.

A pit stop to the ladies halfway through the night and I walked by a table that some of the band was seated at. I waved to Cherisse on my way by and she stood up and stopped me to say hello. We chatted briefly and I chatted to Ged briefly also. It was so lovely of Cherisse to stop me and say hello. Much too kind.

Rita, Nicolle and I were just wishing the hours away until they received their award and would be performing.

Finally… after many awards handed out and quite a few auctioned off items for the Nordoff-Robbins charity, the final award of the night was given out.

Jim was gracious in his acceptance speech and then handed the mic over, rather unexpectedly, to Charlie. “I haven’t got anything to say. No one understands me anyway!” Lol. Bless him. Poor Charlie.

They then went straight into performing three songs – Waterfront, Love Song and Don’t You (Forget About Me). The crowd were loving it, and Jim had everyone (some ladies at the front in particular) eating out of the palm of his hand as usual (nothing ever changes).

Bruce Findlay was also there last night. He had earlier in the evening handed out the “Living Legends” Award to the Incredible String Band – one of his all time favourite bands.

He stayed on and was watching SM perform. And I could see Jim acknowledging Bruce during their set. It was a lovely moment to see.

I have no footage or photos. My phone stayed firmly in my bag all night.

There is some official photos around. Reports of the evening in the media, etc. I just wanted to just take it in and enjoy it.

It’s been a tough old week but this was lovely.

A little less of a feeling I am persona non grata once again by a few would be nice… but, you cannae have everything I guess.

Review: Thumpasaurus – The Social, London – August 8th, 2018

I went to this gig with very little knowledge of the band. I had heard Mental Karate several weeks back on Billy Sloan’s show on BBC Radio Scotland and loved what I’d heard. He then played it again a few Saturday’s back and it had been stuck in my head as a constant earworm since.


I had been seeing one Mr Ronnie Gurr mentioning them on his social media profiles. One mention was of them playing London on Wednesday night, and if available to go, one could get themselves on the guest list.

I was worried I had seen Ronnie’s post far too late. I had been at the Grandslam gig in Maidstone and didn’t see it until the following day.

It wasn’t too late and on the guest list I was put. Ronnie said to me “make sure you bring your dancing shoes!” And, wow! He was not kidding!

Thumpasaurus describe themselves, rather accurately I must say, as “funk-punk”. They are just that! But also bucketloads of fun too!

The gig almost didn’t happen. The clutch seized up on the tour van as the guys were making their way down overnight from Edinburgh (where they are currently doing a run of shows as part of the Fringe). Some panic to get them on their way again meant the boys made it down in the early hours of Wednesday morning meaning the show was on! London certainly would have missed a treat had they not made it and the gig had been cancelled.

Most songs from The Book of Thump were performed. Highlights were definitely Mental Karate and the equally infectious Space Barn – a hands down winner in the “sing-a-long” stakes. (See footage below)

I went into the gig with no expectations other than the feeling I was about to have myself a ball. And…it was all that! The guys are fabulous! Great musicians, all of them.

If you need a night of escapism…a place to go to take yourself away from your troubles, I can’t think of many places better than to find yourself at a Thumpasaurus gig. If you love funk and groove and love dancing…catchy tunes…and just love live music and having a dance and sing…GO SEE THUMPASAURUS! There is no excuse! Esp. if you live in Edinburgh, or Scotland. Go check them out at the Fringe. They are fabulous!

Thanks for the great night, guys. And thank you, Ronnie for the invite. Much appreciated. And good luck with the rest of the tour. Reel them crowds in, boys!

WTF! Brian’s Briefs!

How have I never actually taken this in before?! I’ve been seeing this cover since I started collecting SM memorabilia from the earliest days of my mega fandom. It’s – I am for all the world sure ERRONEOUSLY – stated as being a pic of Mick (surname spelled incorrectly)…but I am pretty sure that’s Brian. Photo taken by…Ronnie Gurr! Labelled as “Simple Minds in Berlin” – another bit I never took in. I knew there was a piece on them inside…but because it’s 1980, I just assumed it would be like a half page thing with one small pic.

Brian is all but STARKERS on the cover! Fucking…I’m gonna DIE if there’s anything REMOTELY similar of Jim inside! Lol.

For nearly FOUR YEARS I have bypassed getting this particular mag, having others take precedent…and now…THIS IS THE NEXT MUST HAVE!

Hanging Around In Mojo…

Great to see Ronnie Gurr’s Hanging Around photo books getting a write up in the current issue of Mojo magazine. Great for Virginia too! Jonesy was “leery”? Surprised he wasn’t full-on lecherous! Lol. He seems to think he’s “had” every woman he’s ever come across (BAD WORDING!) when he talks these days. Lol

Of course you can check out all there is on offer by visiting

A Treasure!

In amongst all the crazy excitement of yesterday, trying to secure tickets…and other things…this arrived in the post. The amazing Virginia Turbett had signed my Sex Pistols “Out To Lunch” photo book for me.

A real treasure now! Thank you so much, Virginia x

The Ronnie Gurr “Simple Minds in Berlin 1980” Book

One last mention of it. Little did I know when I invested in two copies there was a chance of being a lucky “one in ten” of getting a signed copy of the book. Did I perhaps make my chance one in five, having bought two copies? (I used to be fairly good at maths…it’s really not a strong point now!) It doesn’t sound right. But, either way, luck was on my side, as there were 25 signed copies available, and I got one! A wonderful surprise! 

I had already asked/gestured to Jim on the SMO FB page about carrying one of my copies around with me for him to sign. Well, kind of no need now…but I do like that personal touch (seeing him write my name is lovely…those two signed prints of my artworks will forever remain the most special and prized possessions I will ever have. I hope he knows how much I treasure them. I did try to get him to sign the Bowie Jean Genie print I did for him…but it never happened. Two must be all I am allowed 😦 A shame). Having my name written out by him on it would have been nice…handing him the Sharpie…watching him write it out…perhaps brag a little that he had no need to check the spelling of my name for he knew it all too well already (imfamously!). Perhaps even FINALLY hearing him say it?! It remains my final dream…just to hear him say my name (God…how gone on this man am I?! Lol)

Anyway…it was a wonderful surprise to see these inside the book. Thank you once again, Ronnie Gurr. The book has now become an even MORE cherished treasure than I imagined. 

As of yesterday (Sunday April 16th), copies were still available to buy. Get in quick! Just go to for details.

This Boy, Though (Part 775)

I love how much of him now you can see in this photo…

Timeless beauty ❤

(Yes! I’m having a fawning, sycophantic fangirl moment. It’s Easter. I’m allowed! He’s more addictive than chocolate. Just…LOOK AT HIM!)

I really won’t be able to look him in the eye if the opportunity for eye contact avails itself at these Acoustic gigs. I couldn’t do it at Hackney. I definitely WON’T be able to do it now! 

Certified (certifiable?) hopeless case.

One Framed!

I get the feeling I should have bought THREE copies of the book! As long as I framed this one, and that shot of Jim I shared on the original post about the book…that’ll do me! But I hope I can frame a couple more…with some ingenuity. 

Perhaps I may just approach Mr Gurr for prices on actual pro prints? (Once the Acoustic Tour is over, and I actually have some money!) We shall see! In the meantime…