Kerrsday Thursday – Inaugural – Official Videos Montage: Pt 2

Jim Kerr – Simple Minds video stills montage, part two.

My favourite video stills on Jim in official Simple Minds videos.

Videos are: This Is Your Land, Kick It In (scissor kicks a plenty in that one), Let It All Come Down, Let There Be Love, See The Lights, Stand By Love (what the hell *is* he doing with Charlie? Lol), Real Life, She’s A River, Hypnotised^, Glitterball (his eyes are SO blue in this vid), War Babies, Chelsea Girl (we go right back to the start! – Lovely lip-licking action in it, by the way), Life In A Day – Chelsea Girl and Life In A Day are bonuses at the end of the “Seen The Lights: A Visual History” DVD compilation of SM videos.

^I chose 4 stills for Hypnotised as there is one SM video on the DVD, Cry, that doesn’t feature the band. So, I decided to have 4 stills of Jim writhing around on the sofa in the Hypnotised video, because frankly, I could 😉

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