Cherisse And Mel On Drumathon Live

Well, think this has to be the charity event of the year, so far – Drumathon Live. Both Cherisse Osei and Mel Gaynor took part. I watched both their stints at the kit and both were awesome.

But I have to that Cherisse’s set up really gave the feel of being at a gig. She was in a darkened room, with golden lights beaming in. It looked really great and sounded fabulous.

Here are some screenshots of both of them drumming away.

The drumathon ends tomorrow evening, so there is still time to watch some amazing drummers and also to make a donation. It’s what it’s all about after all! The donation you make will go to several mental health charities in the UK. Please give if you can! Go to to view the drummers and make a donation.

Flickr-ing Memories

I’m starting to go through the process of tidying up my Flickr account. With something like 20,000 photos in there, it is getting to be quite a trawl looking through them for a specific photo.

Yesterday I started with a folder of all the black and white SM pics up to 1984, today I started a folder of all the interactivity with Jim (either myself, or with other fans) that I’ve screengrabbed from FB.

My own interactivity with Jim started much earlier than I thought. This is from Friday, 13th (an omen!) March, 2015. Well over three and a half years ago! I don’t know why but in my head I didn’t feel the interactivity really kicked off with him until after I started sharing the art…but it actually was happening before that.

Aawww! It made me all warm and fuzzy inside! Lol! Look at him telling me to “calm down”! Little did he know. Little did he know…

Not long now before I can ask him again. Lol

Thank you, Sir. I treasure them all. Every single one ❤️😊


Screengrabs For Tinkering…

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? (Or wasted…) Is this what Hutch meant by “elegantly wasted”?

And, yes, I only managed 120 screengrabs…NOT ALL OF THEM ARE JIM! (Okay…maybe 100 of them are) 😇😁😇😁

*cradles self in ‘too much beauty’ painful foetal position ball* (it’s been a while…well…since the Turbett pictures landed anyway)

Kerrsday Thursday – Inaugural – Official Videos Montage: Pt 2

Jim Kerr – Simple Minds video stills montage, part two.

My favourite video stills on Jim in official Simple Minds videos.

Videos are: This Is Your Land, Kick It In (scissor kicks a plenty in that one), Let It All Come Down, Let There Be Love, See The Lights, Stand By Love (what the hell *is* he doing with Charlie? Lol), Real Life, She’s A River, Hypnotised^, Glitterball (his eyes are SO blue in this vid), War Babies, Chelsea Girl (we go right back to the start! – Lovely lip-licking action in it, by the way), Life In A Day – Chelsea Girl and Life In A Day are bonuses at the end of the “Seen The Lights: A Visual History” DVD compilation of SM videos.

^I chose 4 stills for Hypnotised as there is one SM video on the DVD, Cry, that doesn’t feature the band. So, I decided to have 4 stills of Jim writhing around on the sofa in the Hypnotised video, because frankly, I could 😉

Official Video Stills Montage: Pt 1

Jim Kerr – Simple Minds video stills montage, part one.

My favourite video stills of Jim from official Simple Minds videos.

Videos are: Love Song, Sweat In Bullet, Promised You A Miracle, Glittering Prize, Waterfront, Speed Your Love To Me, Up On The Catwalk, Don’t You (Forget About Me), Alive And Kicking, Sanctify Yourself, All The Things She Said, Ghostdancing, Belfast Child and Mandela Day.