It Stings A Bit!

The price. Probably the content too.

But the price!

You know…if it didn’t feel as though the good stuff over the past few years was all but dead, then maybe I’d have felt able…willing…

But now it all does feel in the past. I’ve spent a lot of this lockdown in mourning. Mourning some of the things that really made me love being a Simple Minds fan. I can’t emphasise enough how special that all was all that interactivity with Jim.

Would it have made great content for the book? I doubt it. It all felt…personal and special. Maybe it would have felt a bit “kiss and tell”? Lol. I know how stupid that sounds. I really do!

I’ll shut up now. Anyway, the book is £45 and will probably make me wish I was just about every single person that features in it, so do I want it? Do I want to spend £45 on a book of envy?


I know! Woe is me. He’d probably tell me to “grew a pair”. Well, I wish he would – because at least he’d be bloody TALKING TO ME! Lol

Click on the image to see pre-order details. Due for release on December 3rd, 2020.

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