This seems to have come from a site called 41rooms.com – I went there to try to get the photographers credit, and provide a proper link, etc…but I can’t source where the photo is once I get there! A shame, cos I feel bad for just nicking it…but I *had* to share it! Given the way his hair is cut and styled and the clothes he’s wearing, I’m guessing this is 1980. Looks around the same time as the Hear Here appearance on telly. I would love to know for sure…venue, etc. Great to see him being snapped like that. An intimate shot, really. Wish I knew much more, but alas :-/ Maybe when I get the chance I’ll listen to the podcast. It may give me some extra info.

If anyone knows, I’d love to know.

UPDATE: The Internet did its magic overnight and the 41 Rooms page loaded! The pic is of Jim LEAVING the stage (looked more like he was going on to me. There you go!) at the Hammersmith Palais in London on 26th August, 1980 – at least I could pinpoint the timeframe by his haircut and clothes :-)) 

And the photo credit is to: Dec Hickey

There was also an accompanying picture of the vinyl label for a lovely first pressing of Empires And Dance :-))

I Travel was played on the podcast. Full details here at 41rooms.com

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