Why You Should Always Look First, Then Ask Questions Later

I should always heed my own advice! Every now and then, I ponder the lines to Light Travels…and my curiosity piques. So, this morning I thought “I must write this all down…ask Jim. Then I’ll go to Dream Giver and see if some answers may lay there.”

The question follows:

“Light Travels

I’ve always had this niggling question over certain lines to it. The lines go ‘things get better after things get worse / I feel the same / nothing’s changed’

I interpret that one of two ways – ie: I feel that same as that sentiment states…that things DO indeed get better after they get worse, or (the rather more melancholic stance, esp. for the way you usually write, Jim) I feel the same…that is to say, I feel no better OR worse, merely in ‘the status quo’. I always wondered that whether, contrary to how your lyrics normally tend to be that it is the latter?

Yeah, I’m feeling wonderfully philosophical and pondering this morning…ignore me. ‘I will’, he says….

I mean, all very quickly forgotten by the next line ‘but there’s no need to worry’ (phew!) – but then curiosity reigns again, ‘Hello, hello, is anybody home?’ I hope so!

It just…always has me pondering. But I love it for that. And I do love that acoustic version.”

Usually I’ll do things the correct way round! Go to Dream Giver…if my question has not been answered sufficiently, then ask Jim. Not this morning! To my detriment…

Of course, instantly going to Dream Giver once I posted that question, and looking up Light Travels reminded me the thing I always forget when pondering this song…JIM DIDN’T WRITE IT! Lol. AND THAT IS WHY I AM ALWAYS BLOODY PONDERING THAT LYRIC! Why it, I would assume, always sticks out like a sore thumb to me as one of the most “unKerr like” of lyrics.

It gets me each time! Lol. I deleted the post before I, once again, made a stupid fucking idiot of myself. The way these things leave a trace, he’s probably seen it now anyway and thinks me a prize gibbon. In my defence, I am ill and am running on approximately 3 hours sleep. That’s my excuse anyway.

There we go, people. Today’s lesson. Fact check first, THEN ask questions if you can’t find answers…but also ask the right person. I’d ask Sean Kelly…but the question becomes academic because the main part of the puzzle gets solved once I remember Jim isn’t the writer of the song.

Yep. Big numpty points awarded today :-/

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