Final Three (For Now!)

No more things to hang after this :-(( (though if Sir was to ever send back a signed copy of my Jean Genie print – I would most DEFINITELY make an exception! I live in eternal hope.)

The one on the right is just a personal one. Some things I do are very definitely not for sale and just things I love to do. It just keeps me being creative and coming up with ideas and stuff. 

The one on the right is a Sheila Rock picture so I would not reproduce that for sale. The crappy poetry is mine – an excerpt from a piece I called “About A Boy” – no real guesses required as to who “The Boy” might be. I was quite proud of that final verse and final line. (If you search for “poetry”, you’ll no doubt find the full poem.)

Come the Hackney gig though, I was faaaaar too embarrassed to try much “drinking in” – I would when I felt I could (i.e. He wouldn’t catch me looking at him).

I was SSSOOO proud of that typography print. I didn’t think there was anything wrong in me selling that as a bespoke piece to do for fans…but I have consequently learned otherwise. It may never go back on sale. It MAY – IF hell freezes over and I EVER hear back from BMG – fat chance!

A shame, I think. Oh, well :-((

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