Chilled Tunes

I was listening to some stuff on Spotify last night. Started listening to things labelled “Neo-classical” on shuffle mode – just to help keep me calm as the storms stirred outside.

Anything that particularly strikes a chord with me when I play random shuffle mode I just take a quick screengrab of so I can see them and record the titles and look into them better when I’m awake and able to search, etc.

These two tracks that played last night both struck a chord. Nostalgia, eh? Has a song ever been more aptly titled?! It certainly conjures up that feeling! It’s lovely.

But this one was even more beautiful. Such a short piece but just…so fragile and delicate. Ephemeral – I love that word! Beautiful. Even more so than Nostalgia.

2 thoughts on “Chilled Tunes

  1. Hi Larelle
    Really liked those music clips you posted. Atmospheric.
    If I can make a recommendation for you would be a Glasgow band called The Bathers. They have been around since early 90’s . They have a very distinctive sound led by an incredible singer by name of Chris Thomson. All their releases are very good but particular favourite of mine is Sunpowder and Kelvingrove Baby. I believe all albums available on Spotify. Would love to hear your feedback!
    Cheers Gavin

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