Minds (Music?) Monday

I just love listening to early interviews with Jim. Just…you can hear all the emotion and drive in him. His intelligence and just…yeah. I love him. I really, really love him. He’s just beautiful.

The one I’ve shared first. I mean, there’s no talk of money or any of that. It’s just wanting to play and give people pleasure and make them feel uplifted and inspired. Not being pretentious about it at all, either. Or at least definitely not sounding that way.

Just wanted to share all these little snippets here because they’re wonderful and he’s wonderful. (Yeah, I know! I’ll take my lovelorn rose-tinted glasses off now. Lol)

Kerrsday Thursday – Inaugural – Official Videos Montage: Pt 2

Jim Kerr – Simple Minds video stills montage, part two.

My favourite video stills on Jim in official Simple Minds videos.

Videos are: This Is Your Land, Kick It In (scissor kicks a plenty in that one), Let It All Come Down, Let There Be Love, See The Lights, Stand By Love (what the hell *is* he doing with Charlie? Lol), Real Life, She’s A River, Hypnotised^, Glitterball (his eyes are SO blue in this vid), War Babies, Chelsea Girl (we go right back to the start! – Lovely lip-licking action in it, by the way), Life In A Day – Chelsea Girl and Life In A Day are bonuses at the end of the “Seen The Lights: A Visual History” DVD compilation of SM videos.

^I chose 4 stills for Hypnotised as there is one SM video on the DVD, Cry, that doesn’t feature the band. So, I decided to have 4 stills of Jim writhing around on the sofa in the Hypnotised video, because frankly, I could 😉

Official Video Stills Montage: Pt 1

Jim Kerr – Simple Minds video stills montage, part one.

My favourite video stills of Jim from official Simple Minds videos.

Videos are: Love Song, Sweat In Bullet, Promised You A Miracle, Glittering Prize, Waterfront, Speed Your Love To Me, Up On The Catwalk, Don’t You (Forget About Me), Alive And Kicking, Sanctify Yourself, All The Things She Said, Ghostdancing, Belfast Child and Mandela Day.