Happy Fan Anniversary! Six Years!

I almost forgot my fan anniversary! Six years today. (Well, technically not today. It could be. All I know is it was sometime around mid to late July but because I don’t know the exact date, I highjacked Jim’s birthday.)

3 thoughts on “Happy Fan Anniversary! Six Years!

  1. I’ve loved The Silencers since I saw them support the Minds many years ago. Think Ive probably seen them live more than any other group.Their shows are just electric but they only really play once a year now in Scotland.

  2. Only 6 ? pah.not even a real fan etc etc.,,,, 🙂 ( That was a joke btw. You’re probably about the realest fan there is)
    Anyway…, I was on Virginia the photographer’s website and asked her to send me some examples of the shots she took of Fingerprintz.( Jimme and Cha went on to form The Silencers).
    She emailed me a contact sheet of the prints and it was brilliant to see them from so long ago, so thank you for the pointer towards Virginia. 🙂

    • Hey, no probs. I’ve still not really got into The Silencers that much. I love Joe Donnelly and Jinky Gilmour’s work together putting Caezar together. I was vaguely aware of Fringerprintz because of Jim as Lostboy! covering Bulletproof Heart.
      Year, six years – nae “real fan”, aye. Lol
      I know my place. jim likes to put me in it often.
      Not sure I am the “realest” fan. Lol. Many others are there too. Many share the passion. Some seem to have little else going on in their lives – she says, the the most glaring sense of irony! But perhaps that is where I like to think I am different. I have the self-awareness to know that I am perhaps TOO obsessed, if not with the band, then certainly with a certain Mr Kerr. I’m fully aware of my foibles and patheticnes.
      As much as I try to keep it in check, it has the tendency to get the better of me. All too often.

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