Is He Back? Is He REALLY Back?

In other news from the past 24 hours, I was stunned to wake and see this response waiting for me this morning. Like a mangey feral street dog, I’ll happily take any morsel I can get! 😊 (Can you tell I’ve missed him? “Noooooooo!” says everyone with faux shock. Lol)

Again, thanks for the response you beautiful, gorgeous man, you! (Yeah, I’m not excusing myself expressing gushing sentiment this time.)

And it seems I may have to extend my research into “people searching”…

UPDATE: Having gotten intrigued by Jim’s intrigue as to what happened to Johnny Waller and Lindsay Hutton, I did indeed go on a “people search”. Unfortunately, there is sad news when it comes to Johnny Waller. He died many years ago – details of which I found at this website here –

A curious thing with the Kingdom Come fanzine…I had not made the connection of Johnny Waller and the fanzine at all, until Jim mentioned it this morning. I even posted about an issue of the fanzine that came up on eBay last year…with an interview with Jim inside it. Use the blog search – type in “The Birth of Wan” and you’ll see the post (if it doesn’t show in the blog’s ‘linked posts’ metadata below).

As for Lindsay Hutton? He’s still active, and blogging away under the moniker of his old fanzine – Next Big Thing

Kerrsday Thursday – Fashion Victim Jim – The Man-bag: Yay? or Nae?

I thought I would take the opportunity while we are touching upon the man’s sometimes dubious fashion choices to conduct a poll on the man-bag. I personally LOVE the man-bag. It took swag to pull that off, and I think he did it. Possibly if he had been wearing different clothes and hadn’t set it off with the pilot shades, I might have thought differently. But the black clothes (he must have been BOILING under those studio lights!) and pilot shades just make him look like the “mutts nuts”! Lol. It’s a look that says “Yep, I’m in black…I got pilot shades on – INDOORS! And I’ve got a bright yellow MAHOOOSIVE man-bag and you lot can all FUCK OFF!” Lol. I bloody love it.

Anyway…what do you guys think? Man-bag: yay or nae? Poll is open for the next 24 hours…get voting!

Here At Last…


It’s now midday, Friday 18th September, 2015 in Sydney and I have (hopefully) finally arrived at my mum’s house. I will be BEYOND tired! My head will be SO fuggy, it’ll be frightening. But I’ll be so happy to be there and be with mum, sleep still probably won’t be entirely on my mind, yet!

I’ll now have the joy of a sofa to look forward to as my place of sleep tonight. Yay! Unless maybe I go out to my niece’s Bec’s place (as she has a spare bed) or I be a complete burden and sleep with my mum tonight. She might insist, depending upon how shattered and wrecked I look! Lol.

Lost of catching up to be done on MANY levels. I’ll be there with mum, Bec (or perhaps my other niece Madeline, if my collection from the airport with Bec falls through), and possibly my sister, Cheryl – and maybe even my little Great niece and nephew, Ava and James (the new Jim that’ll keep me company with his adorableness!).

I’ll also be needing to sort out a Internet connection so I can access the web and keep things like this labour of love that’s my SM/Harry Lloyd blog running!

Anyway…I better be going for now but hopefully I’ll be connected very soon and you’ll hear from me again in the next few days (it’s a Friday after all – so if my plans to get Internet up and running crap up – you might not hear from me until Monday).

Until then…see you round like a rissole! (back to Aussie slang already. Lol)

And this stadium ain’t bad!! Well, it ain’t even a stadium. It’s a small venue with an 1800 audience capacity for music gigs. I know they’ll blow the roof off! Can’t wait!