Here At Last…


It’s now midday, Friday 18th September, 2015 in Sydney and I have (hopefully) finally arrived at my mum’s house. I will be BEYOND tired! My head will be SO fuggy, it’ll be frightening. But I’ll be so happy to be there and be with mum, sleep still probably won’t be entirely on my mind, yet!

I’ll now have the joy of a sofa to look forward to as my place of sleep tonight. Yay! Unless maybe I go out to my niece’s Bec’s place (as she has a spare bed) or I be a complete burden and sleep with my mum tonight. She might insist, depending upon how shattered and wrecked I look! Lol.

Lost of catching up to be done on MANY levels. I’ll be there with mum, Bec (or perhaps my other niece Madeline, if my collection from the airport with Bec falls through), and possibly my sister, Cheryl – and maybe even my little Great niece and nephew, Ava and James (the new Jim that’ll keep me company with his adorableness!).

I’ll also be needing to sort out a Internet connection so I can access the web and keep things like this labour of love that’s my SM/Harry Lloyd blog running!

Anyway…I better be going for now but hopefully I’ll be connected very soon and you’ll hear from me again in the next few days (it’s a Friday after all – so if my plans to get Internet up and running crap up – you might not hear from me until Monday).

Until then…see you round like a rissole! (back to Aussie slang already. Lol)

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