James, Jim or Jimmy?

Every morning when mum comes out to the kitchen she says “Hello” to my Jim cushion. I had to chastise her though, cos at first she was saying “Hello, James”. Lol. I had to tell her it’s just plain Jim. Explaining that he is Jim, dad is Jimmy, and son is James.

She’s been sticking to it of late. But this morning she says “Stuff it! From now on I’m calling him Jimmy!”

Ooh, she’s a rebel! I’d be WAAAY too worried about inciting the “Wrath of Kerr” for such rebellious behaviour. Lol

The Power of New Gold Dream…

I posted this on the Simple Minds Facebook visitor wall today (with the picture of the koala)…


I have just spent the past 5 days in Adelaide (and surrounding Adelaide Hills). My first ever visit. I was meeting and subsequently staying with a lovely lady I have been, firstly, pen-pals with and then email friends and friends on social networks with since 1998/99. We became pen-pals while still living in the same country (Oz), but vast distances, and then my subsequent move to the UK meant we never had the opportunity to meet until now.

The second day I was there, Janis (said friend) was telling about the wildlife that can be spotted around where she lives. She had told me it wasn’t unusual to see koalas resting in trees around her neighbourhood and she then made it her mission for me to see a wild koala resting on a gum tree. I had my doubts. I’ve never seen a koala in the wild, despite all my years of having lived in Australia.

That day passed with no koala spotted. Janis was mildly disappointed. I wasn’t expecting to be that lucky, so I wasn’t. (I’ll get to the point of this story soon!)

On day three (day two of the “big koala spot”) we had a musical change. Janis has an MP3 player in her car and it was on a mixed playlist that SUPPOSEDLY had some Simple Minds in the mix…but you know how these “shuffle” modes work! To make up for the distinct lack of SM playing in the car, Janis put on NGD (the album…not just the song!).

As we collected her daughter from art class that afternoon (and having spent the past two days searching for the elusive wild koalas), New Gold Dream (the song) started playing. I was relaying to her of my posting some months ago of my itty bitty fave musical section of the song and of your fantastic reply to it, Jim (which I MUST print and frame). And how much more magical it makes NGD for me now…

AND THEN I LOOK UP TO A TREE AND SEE A KOALA! I kid you not. I have Janis as my witness! It was down a private back road so we could stop the car, get out and take a closer look. My first wild koala! I was ecstatic and saying to Janis “See!!! What was I saying?!! It’s the power of New Gold Dream!! Jim wasn’t lying to me!”

The following day, it served up even more magic with a pass over of a flock of black cockatoos, but I won’t bore you with further details.

But I just wanted to share my experience of the power of the song and thank you for it.



And…I got a like. I was kind of hoping for more…but a like is a like. 

And the sighting really WAS that magical…

Simple Minded Heads that are Talking…

My brother-in-law was quizzing me about my Simple Minds fandom yesterday. He said “the one’s who did Burning Down The House?” erm…that’s Talking Heads! Lol

The strange thing is, he was the one who went to see Stop Making Sense in the cinema in 1985, you’d think he’d know his Simple Minds from his Talking Heads! Lol

He said “Simple Minds/Talking Heads, same thing”. Lol. No! Both are great, but quite different.

Naughty Jim…

Lol. My mum is ssooo giving me the giggles. When I’m sitting in the kitchen, I have my Jim cushion on the seat as a back support. As soon as I move off the seat, usually it ends up jumping off on to the floor :-/ (and has knocked over the internet modem a couple of times as a consequence!)

Mum keeps going off at it. Lol. Just earlier she said “Stop it, James!!” Lol. It had me in hysterics. Esp. as Jim probably only ever got called James when he was being naughty. Lol.

God, I love my mum :-)))


(via priptona-weird)

Probably needing to give my heart a kick start right about now. It’s 7pm in Australia and I’m probably still awake but floating in that fug of jetlag, where you still feel like you’re moving while sitting still. Yuck! I’m sure I won’t be long off wanting sleep. I will be needing it SSOOO much by now!

Here At Last…


It’s now midday, Friday 18th September, 2015 in Sydney and I have (hopefully) finally arrived at my mum’s house. I will be BEYOND tired! My head will be SO fuggy, it’ll be frightening. But I’ll be so happy to be there and be with mum, sleep still probably won’t be entirely on my mind, yet!

I’ll now have the joy of a sofa to look forward to as my place of sleep tonight. Yay! Unless maybe I go out to my niece’s Bec’s place (as she has a spare bed) or I be a complete burden and sleep with my mum tonight. She might insist, depending upon how shattered and wrecked I look! Lol.

Lost of catching up to be done on MANY levels. I’ll be there with mum, Bec (or perhaps my other niece Madeline, if my collection from the airport with Bec falls through), and possibly my sister, Cheryl – and maybe even my little Great niece and nephew, Ava and James (the new Jim that’ll keep me company with his adorableness!).

I’ll also be needing to sort out a Internet connection so I can access the web and keep things like this labour of love that’s my SM/Harry Lloyd blog running!

Anyway…I better be going for now but hopefully I’ll be connected very soon and you’ll hear from me again in the next few days (it’s a Friday after all – so if my plans to get Internet up and running crap up – you might not hear from me until Monday).

Until then…see you round like a rissole! (back to Aussie slang already. Lol)

Hello Australia!!!


At last!! At BLOODY last, I’m here!! Phew!!!


Just a few short moments before, I’d have been seeing a view not dissimilar to this one as we made our descent into Tullamarine Airport. It might even still be a little dark, it’s only 6.30am in the morning now!

I’m sure to be feeling quite out of it now. Hoping I managed some sleep – but probably haven’t had much. Maybe 2/3 hours, at best. Never good at sleeping on planes. Only time I enjoyed extended sleep on a plane was on a London to Kuala Lumpur leg of my flight out in 2003 during the SARS “pandemic”. The flight was near empty. I had a whole ROW of seats to myself. It was wonderful!

I bet Jim and the bhoys have been keeping me company. Probably worked my way through the WHOLE of the X5 box set, at least! Listening to them all the way. Having Jim’s voice sooth me 🙂

No more planes – PLEASE?! – Oh, but I have ONE LEG to go. The short hop from Melbourne to Sydney. Bugger! Should at least still be relatively cool in Oz at this time of year, so should be feeling comfy. It’s early morning too, so I’m hoping I feel tired, but chipper. 

Anyway…on to Sydney I go. One last, quick 90 minute plane journey and I’ll soon be at mums. 

Hello Abu Dhabi!! (Airport)

Right about now, I’ll be at Abu Dhabi airport – sweltering in the heat and trying to gee myself up for the next leg of the journey. 

I’ve just had my first flight in a Airbus A380 and I hope it has been an awesome experience and not a ridiculously frightening one! I’m very much hoping it was 7 hours of luxury. Well, as luxurious a ride as economy class can be!

I do find air travel exhausting – mostly because when I travel by air, I tend to be going from one side of the world to the other. I’ve hardly done any short haul travel by comparison. A few flights to Liverpool from Luton and back (in the days where you could travel Easyjet around the country), a couple of trips to Melbourne and back (from Sydney) and one flight to Perth and back (from Sydney) when I was 9. 

I think if I was typing this in real time (and not one month ago – I actually wrote this out on a dull, wet Friday afternoon in the middle of August and scheduled its posting), it’s about now I’d be typing FUCK IT’S HOT!!! Lol!

It is on to Melbourne that I go from here. Another 13 and a half hours of the next leg to endure. After all that heat…time to cool down on the plane and try and get some rest. With 13.5 hours of time to waste and the chances of me not have slept at all so far, I’ll be long overdue a bit of shut eye. Might take some Antihistamine or Nytol on the plane…help me relax.

See you in Melbourne, peeps!

And because I’ll be missing him so – I’ll leave it to Jim to express what I am no doubt feeling right now – from the heat AND the prospect of another 13.5 hours in the air…