Hello Abu Dhabi!! (Airport)

Right about now, I’ll be at Abu Dhabi airport – sweltering in the heat and trying to gee myself up for the next leg of the journey. 

I’ve just had my first flight in a Airbus A380 and I hope it has been an awesome experience and not a ridiculously frightening one! I’m very much hoping it was 7 hours of luxury. Well, as luxurious a ride as economy class can be!

I do find air travel exhausting – mostly because when I travel by air, I tend to be going from one side of the world to the other. I’ve hardly done any short haul travel by comparison. A few flights to Liverpool from Luton and back (in the days where you could travel Easyjet around the country), a couple of trips to Melbourne and back (from Sydney) and one flight to Perth and back (from Sydney) when I was 9. 

I think if I was typing this in real time (and not one month ago – I actually wrote this out on a dull, wet Friday afternoon in the middle of August and scheduled its posting), it’s about now I’d be typing FUCK IT’S HOT!!! Lol!

It is on to Melbourne that I go from here. Another 13 and a half hours of the next leg to endure. After all that heat…time to cool down on the plane and try and get some rest. With 13.5 hours of time to waste and the chances of me not have slept at all so far, I’ll be long overdue a bit of shut eye. Might take some Antihistamine or Nytol on the plane…help me relax.

See you in Melbourne, peeps!

And because I’ll be missing him so – I’ll leave it to Jim to express what I am no doubt feeling right now – from the heat AND the prospect of another 13.5 hours in the air…


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