Mr Geek…

Yeah, there he is…that geeky boy. Such a turn off… *rolls eyes*
Playing with toys and just…swivelling about on a chair like he’s Christine bloody Keeler (only with clothes on *makes ‘bad luck’ clicking fingers motion*).
(Pics: not sure on the first, but the other two are Janette Beckman 👍🏻)


What If I fall?

…In love with Roxy Music? I really think it is happening in the biggest way. And there are quite a few tracks from the first two albums that I have fallen for.

Tonight I was studying lyrics. I like words. Words are my thing. Tunes…rhythms, melodies…they may initially pique the interest, catch my ear…but it is always the lyrics that deliver the final stranglehold. The grip. The pull. Vicelike.

Ferry is, I have learned tonight, absolutely fucking MASTERFUL at wordplay. Geez, I thought David (Bowie) was good! Hell, I can really see now tonight why Jim loves him (Ferry).

I have been playing the first two albums pretty much non stop for the past couple of weeks, but because I tend to put Spotify on as I am settling down for the night, I’m usually asleep by the third song. I’ve heard the eponymous album and For Your Pleasure enough now to know them very well…but as I move on chronologically (and as the Spotify playlist I created of all the Roxy/Ferry stuff I want to sink my teeth into continues to play through my slumber), it means I am so far less familiar with Stranded and Country Life (let alone what lies beyond).

Tonight, after listening to the first two, I moved onto Stranded, giving it full attention. And, for me, Ferry’s wordplay reached new heights with this (the clip below). I just absolutely fell red hot in love with it. Just wow!

It also led me to do something I hadn’t really done so far, and that was to seek out a live performance of a track. Again…fucking wow!

I feel I am SO, SO late to the party. But without reading magazines that I have access to on a Spotify style subscription basis via an app/site called Readly, read The New European, and Sophia Deboick’s article on Roxy (and subsequently had my short discussion with Jim on the subject) … then I may not have ever arrived to the party at all.

Too easily dismissive in the past. “Oh, Roxy Music. EVERYONE loves them. *yawn* Are they even all that?” Yes, they fucking are! They are.

I’ll leave this to ring in your ears as it is currently ringing in mine. “Oh, mother of pearl / I wouldn’t trade you / for another girl”.


I think, singularly, this may be the BEST move he’s ever made. I *had* to slow it down and make a gif of it. It was just screaming out the first time I saw it. I dare say it won’t be the last gif from this clip I’ll be making.

It’s been a long, loooong time since I made one. I must have made hundreds now. Before the “art” there were the gifs 🙂

Maybe it’s time for a few more “Jim Kerr Dance Academy” lessons? What do we call this move, though? The invisible maracas?

Answers on a postcard (or in the comments)…


A Kerrsday Thursday Day?

I’m kinda missing doing the old “Kerrsday Thursday”. Like I don’t make this blog Jim Kerr centric enough! Lol. And…I just can’t think of a theme…nor do I have much of a source of new and/or previously unseen/unshared pics of him.

I’ll just use the day to try and make some lyric designs. After PYAM I stopped. It was like I felt it couldn’t be topped, I just loved it so. But if I have ANY chance of getting near all SM songs having a lyric piece done by November…I have to ramp back up to daily! I may have given myself an impossible task because the one thing I have learned this year with the art is DEFINITELY NOT TO RUSH IT. That’s when the self-doubt takes hold and…the “failure” begins. I need to find that balance of being…recurrent yet…reserved. To not rush it, but let it come to me…but that is hard when you feel time-pressed or have deadlines. I suppose I can only see how far I get. 

Time…as always…is of the essence! 

But I do miss the silly side of the blog at times. (“The silly side is STILL ever-present”, I am sure you are saying, dear reader. Lol) The gif-making…the even MORE OVERT ogling. The inner Frankie Howerd being let loose. And speaking of such…I shall leave you with this. This kiosk is at Luton Airport and…it just makes me giggle. The name of it is PRICELESS! In my head I am always retorting, “I do. I really do.” Oh, but it’s been SSSOO long since I had one, I wouldn’t know what to do with it! Lol. I wouldn’t mind being put in the position of trying though…(heaven help me!)