Kerrsday Thursday – Fashion Victim Jim – The Man-bag: Yay? or Nae?

I thought I would take the opportunity while we are touching upon the man’s sometimes dubious fashion choices to conduct a poll on the man-bag. I personally LOVE the man-bag. It took swag to pull that off, and I think he did it. Possibly if he had been wearing different clothes and hadn’t set it off with the pilot shades, I might have thought differently. But the black clothes (he must have been BOILING under those studio lights!) and pilot shades just make him look like the “mutts nuts”! Lol. It’s a look that says “Yep, I’m in black…I got pilot shades on – INDOORS! And I’ve got a bright yellow MAHOOOSIVE man-bag and you lot can all FUCK OFF!” Lol. I bloody love it.

Anyway…what do you guys think? Man-bag: yay or nae? Poll is open for the next 24 hours…get voting!

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