Kerrsday Thursday – SBH – Love Song (Countdown)

I know it’s Love Song again. But it’s Countdown. It’s Oz…and Boy with the man-bag and looking ridiculously uber cool and sexy as fuck!

And next week’s Kerrsday Thursday I’ll be back in Blighty, freezing my tits off (which I kind of prefer anyway! Lol. I mean, not freezing my tits off – but feeling cold rather than hot)…so let’s have Boy being all in black and looking slightly tanned and wearing shades indoors, cos he can! Fuck it! God love him.

All hail Jim Kerr! The Boy have buckets of swag 🙂

Ciao, Australia…maybe see you again?

Kerrsday Thursday – Fashion Victim Jim – The Man-bag: Yay? or Nae?

I thought I would take the opportunity while we are touching upon the man’s sometimes dubious fashion choices to conduct a poll on the man-bag. I personally LOVE the man-bag. It took swag to pull that off, and I think he did it. Possibly if he had been wearing different clothes and hadn’t set it off with the pilot shades, I might have thought differently. But the black clothes (he must have been BOILING under those studio lights!) and pilot shades just make him look like the “mutts nuts”! Lol. It’s a look that says “Yep, I’m in black…I got pilot shades on – INDOORS! And I’ve got a bright yellow MAHOOOSIVE man-bag and you lot can all FUCK OFF!” Lol. I bloody love it.

Anyway…what do you guys think? Man-bag: yay or nae? Poll is open for the next 24 hours…get voting!

Love Song – Countdown 1981, Man-Bag Pt 1

Because I realised we were distinctly lacking in “man-bag” gifs.

Loving the last one…with Jim slinging the bag round the back to get it out the way. You wanted to wear it, buddy! Lol.

Oh, he is just 5000% cool – bag or no bag!