Interview With Jim On 2RRR – Retropopic Radio

Wow! Now THAT’S independent radio! Used to love tuning into 2RRR…they became the station that 2JJJ got a little too big to be. If I were to compare? For me, JJJ is the kind of Radio 1 of Sydney, whereas RRR was more the 6 Music. And it’s obviously still a great station. Some of the interview goes over old ground…but there were a few fab questions in there and slightly different responses from Jim.

I do agree with the interviewer about Real To Real Cacophony though…and Jim really shouldn’t be that dismissive of it. Yes! It wasn’t a mainstream album…but hell, if we look at his musical hero, Lou Reed – how much of HIS work is “mainstream”? Come on, Jim! Give yourself some credit!

Okay, you make up for it by taking pride in having written “all the best bits” of Don’t You (Forget About Me), you dag! Lol

To hear the interview CLICK THE LINK – enjoy!

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