Felt Cute…

*Feeling cute. Might delete later – IDK*
(Insert #selfie fail for added effect.)

It’s a silly meme thing and I looked it up to get the wording right. Lol. But…you know, for a very rare moment I was here in my room sitting on my bed and I kind of did just in that moment “feel cute”. Several selfie attempts and fails later, I took the one I was most happy with. But the one right before it is kinda cute too…as a fail.

You know how I was saying the other day that Jim was getting nothing from me for his birthday? Well…he can have this! Me – being very uncharacteristically (for me) bolshy and full of myself saying – HERE, Jim – me! Have photos of me for your birthday. See what ya missing, boy! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Yeah, I know. Oh, well…the bravado and bolshiness was there for a few seconds anyway.

Still feeling cute for now. Bite me!
(P.S. You may notice something new in the right side of the photos…)


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