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    • If you only saw the typos I make all the time. Lol. Some still filter through. I think you may have worked out my preferred time period. Lol. I have all but completed my SM tour program set. Got some Dutch magazines too. A bit of music. Quite a few posters too. I’ll post pics over the weekend.

      • Ive got some Dutch magazines as well, but they’re nothing to do with Simple Miinds* 🙂
        Saw your post re birds. I got attacked by a bloody seagull the other day.
        protecting it’s nest , which was on top of a roof, and I was nowhere near it. Scary.
        This never used to happen but is quite common now. Bloody weird.

        * I don’t really 🙂

        • Lol. Damn…I was going to ask if I could borrow your Dutch magazines. Then again, considering MY Dutch mags contain photos of Jim, they’re near enough to p0.rn anyways. Lol
          The only bird I have ever been attacked by is a pelican that was following me as I was walking around Melbourne Zoo many moons back.

          • A pelican? crikey!! Also had a sparrowhawk follow me for ages when I was on my bike last year. The light was failing as well which made it Hitchcockesque.

            My grannies budgie also bit my finger when I was very wee. ( I did put my finger in its cage to be fair to it) . Still.., no need for it to be so violent the little shit.

          • Lol. Scarred for life – re: your gran’s budgie. Us Aussie birds can be aggressive little shits when we want. 😂😂😂😂😂
            Thanks for the giggles, Scott 👍🏻😊

  1. Loved the photos and imagery form that era.1985, 86. Thats when I first got into them as a wee 14 year old fucking nerd. 🙂 lmao. Great times though.

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