The Ardent Student

I wish I could have finished my post from yesterday before the announcement of European mainland tour reschedules as I truly lost my train of thought as soon as I saw that. And my post was leading somewhere, even though it diverged off into one of my usual tangents.

I wanted to share this picture. I am tired of being embarrassed about having this cushion cover now. I’ve had it for seven years, FFS! Lol! What’s the point in being embarrassed or shameful?


It’s snowing here in Glasgow right now, and it’s freezing! I still have my blinds and curtains drawn to try and stop the cold coming in through my bedroom windows. I only drew the blinds and curtains long enough to take a photo of this morning’s scene. Even with the curtains and blinds drawn, the cold is permeating through.

I made my bed, gathered my things and was about to head off downstairs for my morning coffee and banana. Just as I gathered up my iPad, phone and reading glasses, my eyes took a final cursory glance at the bed. It looked so warm and inviting…even more so from the way my little array was huddled together.

I’m not sure I shared the tale of “Ellie and Nellie” here? Short version? Mother and baby elephants remind me of my mum, more to the point – me with mum. I saw this plush mother and baby elephant at Ikea early in the New Year and I had to buy them.

So, as my cursory glance falls upon the top of the bed, I see Ellie and Nellie huddled up next to [the cushion of] Jim. It was the ear of the elephant resting upon Jim’s that did it for me.

It took all my resolve not to want to join them and climb back into that bed.

And what does this have to do with being a student? Well, I am determined to complete my assignment today.

Again, thank you Scott, for knowing exactly what to say and to get my out of my doubtful and defeatist mindset. In all honesty, sometimes I don’t know where I’d be without you! If this blog ever only has one regular visitor and reader, I am so very grateful that it’s you.

And now, I am off to smash my first assignment! Ready to “fail better”.

UPDATE: My first assignment has been completed and submitted.

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