Nae Summer Nights – For Summer Sessions

Why? I mean… of course Edinburgh needed a gig. But couldn’t we have had a Summer Nights gig at the Kelvingrove Bandstand too?

I have enough gigs to be getting on with, I guess.

Anyways… another gig. Edinburgh this time. August 18th. Further details, info to buy tickets, etc, from the usual sources.

UPDATE: Tickets are now on sale. I bought my ticket via Tickets Scotland as they were several pounds cheaper than Ticketmaster. It’s not my place to tell you where to buy tickets from. I thought it useful info, but other people have different ideas. But if you want to save a few quid (around about £8 on a VIP ‘inner bowl’ ticket, then here’s the link you need. (As of time of posting, Inner Bowl tickets have already sold out.)

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