I’m Done…

The last thing I’ll ever post to the wall. Might as well have kept my arse blocked if I can’t even put the odd jovial thing on the wall without it being deleted.

Anyone would think I am dissing the band and telling them they’re shit and they should retire and their songs are shit and they can’t play to save their lives… and NOT “I’ve booked a ticket for my 12th gig this year and can ya gisa kiss, Jim”! I was fucking joking … the kiss thing is just some silly humour for God’s sake!

So… I’m done. Whoever you are, thanks. Thanks for making one fan feel like they’re not good enough. Hope you’re happy.

2 thoughts on “I’m Done…

  1. Just sounds like one administrator/cunt who has decided to try and exclude you. I wouldn’t worry about it my friend. Just very petty behaviour from someone . Rise above it.

    • And then a response I had from someone calling themselves “Maris Piper”. I don’t know. It’s all feeling very alienating right now. I am best to stay away from it and stay here in my own space. Not sure who Maris Piper is. Jim likes chips…and they’re usually made with Maris Piper potatoes. … 🤔🤔🤔🤔
      Anyway, I know where I’m not wanted.

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