I Want To Do This!

I really, REALLY want to do this! And…oh, how I wish I could.

This shirt is a ONE-OFF for a fan that approached me and asked if I could design a shirt with this imagery.

I KNOW it is copyright…but it is ONE SHIRT for ONE PERSON only! I have NOT sold it for profit! And I have NOT made multiples!

But, it shows what I can do. And I wish more than anything in this world I could do this for a living! This band is my ENTIRE UNIVERSE and nothing makes me more happy than sharing the love I have for this band. So…I continue…at my own expense to spread the love…and possibly get myself hanged!

Perhaps I can think about once again, having my own designs, with no wording, on t-shirts?

I don’t know! I never want to rock the boat. Piss off the band, management…Jim…get my arse kicked by “the powers that be”. But, this stuff almost makes me cry. Because…I’m good. I know I am FUCKING GOOD! And I WANT TO DO THIS!

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