Simple Minds – Lightning

Because I tend to listen to a Minds mix on Spotify in bed at night, I may not hear a particular song for several weeks (shuffle mode never really moves away much from a set number of songs it plays…never really seems like a true randomised algorithm).

A case in point: this morning, 7am. I don’t remember the last time I heard Lightning – several weeks I’m sure…maybe on the train on the way up to the Bridlington gig? 

Anyway, this morning I played it nine times over. The first play it was rousing me awake from my slumber and I was only conscious of it halfway through. On the second play, I was trying to link to it on Facebook. From the third time onwards it was just…”how bloody awesome – and SEXY – is this song?” *REPEAT*

I couldn’t wait for the next Minds Music Monday to link to it. Please, enjoy one of the sexiest SM songs ever made (even if it is reputedly about a suicide bomber)…

“Let me touch, let me touch”…

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