Empires That Dance – Love Song

To coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the release of Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call, Empires That Dance (the collaborative trio of George Porter, Andy Inniss and Gordy Goudie) have released their fabulous reimagined working of Love Song. You can view the excellent video below.

Empires That Dance have been releasing their own interpretations to Simple Minds songs for several years now, having previously released versions of Room (titled Another Room by ETD), Changeling, Boys From Brazil and most recently New Gold Dream. They have also previously released an original composition called Stargazing, which is also pretty stellar (excuse the pun).

I think Love Song is their best effort yet. Very dancey and they have really put their own stamp on it but still with the essence of what makes the original such a fantastic piece of European electro-dance. It’s fantastic!

The artwork is also FABULOUS and there are T-shirts (as modelled above by Mr Ronnie McGhie) with the artwork that you can purchase from the ETD Bandcamp store, which you can find HERE – and if you buy the shirt, you get a digital download of the song for free. Nice one!

The Tees Tease

Dang! Okay, so it was a SFY shirt…and well, it isn’t looking too dissimilar in concept to the Grandslam Summer design, to be honest.

I know Stuart is the current designer. And he’s fabulous…oh, but to just DREAM of something like that! One break! One special one off. And not even for monetary gain or anything, but just to be able to say “Frigging wow! What an honour! The band I love are allowing me to design a shirt!” It would be unreal.

But there we are. That’s not how the world works.

Still, one could argue I’ve had my five minutes.

Damn! I hate when my green-eyed monster rears its ugly head. But, god…it would just be so amazing.

I always want more.

I Want To Do This!

I really, REALLY want to do this! And…oh, how I wish I could.

This shirt is a ONE-OFF for a fan that approached me and asked if I could design a shirt with this imagery.

I KNOW it is copyright…but it is ONE SHIRT for ONE PERSON only! I have NOT sold it for profit! And I have NOT made multiples!

But, it shows what I can do. And I wish more than anything in this world I could do this for a living! This band is my ENTIRE UNIVERSE and nothing makes me more happy than sharing the love I have for this band. So…I continue…at my own expense to spread the love…and possibly get myself hanged!

Perhaps I can think about once again, having my own designs, with no wording, on t-shirts?

I don’t know! I never want to rock the boat. Piss off the band, management…Jim…get my arse kicked by “the powers that be”. But, this stuff almost makes me cry. Because…I’m good. I know I am FUCKING GOOD! And I WANT TO DO THIS!

Another Shirt Ordered

I like the merch you can get from the Simple Minds shop…but I want Jim on my shirts…so I make them up myself. I *had* to have one of “The Swivel Chair”! He’s too beautiful! And i just realised, his head will be right between my chesticles…oh, dear *grins devilishly*



Lol. OH MY GOD…I’m a fruit loop! Lol

I really went ahead and did it! Lol. I got the shirt made! Lol. It does look awesome though! At least I’ve helped security with their job! Lol

Oh, I am kidding! As much as I adore Jim…I’m faaaaar too embarrassed to go anywhere near him! If he had ever accepted my “doughnut date” offer…lord knows what I would have actually done!! Lol. Other than cower in a corner and pretend I wasn’t there. Pretended to have given him a dizzy.

What girl in her right mind would EVER stand him up, though? Must have rocks in their heads! Or be…BANANAS! Lol

New (Warm) Giveaway! WIN!

Who’s up for another giveaway?! Yeah, I thought so! 🙂 OK. This time the prize will be one of these t-shirts, in the size of your choice (from S to XL – 42 to 48 inch chest). XL modelled by yours truly (it was either me, or a stupidly out-of-proportion inflatable mannequin torso!). Again, it’s open worldwide. Will send to wherever you are. We’ve had favourite Minds song, so this time it can be favourite album. Just leave your fave in the comments. Entries close next Tuesday, July 19th 23:59 BST (British Summer Time). Winner announced July 20th. (Mick MacNeil’s birthday!)