New (Warm) Giveaway! WIN!

Who’s up for another giveaway?! Yeah, I thought so! 🙂 OK. This time the prize will be one of these t-shirts, in the size of your choice (from S to XL – 42 to 48 inch chest). XL modelled by yours truly (it was either me, or a stupidly out-of-proportion inflatable mannequin torso!). Again, it’s open worldwide. Will send to wherever you are. We’ve had favourite Minds song, so this time it can be favourite album. Just leave your fave in the comments. Entries close next Tuesday, July 19th 23:59 BST (British Summer Time). Winner announced July 20th. (Mick MacNeil’s birthday!)

2 thoughts on “New (Warm) Giveaway! WIN!

  1. ‘Once upon a time’ will always be the one, because it introduced me to SM. I listened to it accidentally on some holiday camp. Luckily the guy gave it to me and I listened to the cassette so many times, even when the tape was in such bad condition that some songs were a bit, let’s say strange at the beginning or in the middle or anywhere. I couldn’t stop till the cassette was finally lost forever. I was very sad but didn’t know where to get a new one, so SM slowly disappeared. But suddenly they came back to me last year! And ‘OUAT’ was the first album I bought(since then all of the others were to follow) Nowadays I prefer other ones of their catalogue but ‘OUAT’ is the one for me where I can still remember the feelings from that time. I think it was my first real love🙆

    • Wonderful, Martina. It was the first SM album I bought as well. And like yourself, I lost touch with them. I always liked them, but just never gave them the time they deserved. It’s been two years now for me, and I absolutely love them with a passion I never expected! I do have a different favourite album also, but yes, OUAT will hold a special place for me also.

      Thank you for sharing and entering. And good luck! x

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